Why do Sappers object to being called fella?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by MadJackFlash, Mar 10, 2012.

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  1. Never much liked the term anyway - and don't call me mate either - not unless you've earn't the right. However I heard the other day that sappers have a particular dislike to being called 'Fella' for historical reasons. Can anyone elaborate? Must be a new thing 'cos I don't remember anyone using the term until after 2000.
  2. Hi mate,

    Fella' is used to indicate that the person is of dubious sexuality if you like, or in more grotesque wording, a lover of the cock.

    Don't let it bother you fella.
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  3. Not much of a historical answer is it .... cock
  4. Beautiful, a full 28 minutes before you saw your own arse and your blood pressure rocketed.

    I get the feeling you never completed an arduous course whilst serving.

    Later mate.
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  5. I always thought that it was ' Stoats & Weasels'. No idea why and no offence meant.
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Fella is a bastardisation of Fellah. An Arabic term for a pig ignorant shit shovelling peasant who grubs about in the ground digging stuff up.

    Most people do not take offence at being hailed as Fella. Sappers do. Cant think why.
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  7. As I mentioned earlier, fella is also a derivative of fellatio, which coincidently the OP adores giving.
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  8. Mate, if you want history.........

    "I believe the dislike of this form of address can be traced back to the Battle of Waterloo, where Sapper Horatio Fella was captured by some French troops and forced to give them head, before being roundly sodomised by Napoleon himself.

    Hence the term "Fellatio" and the dislike of the stylised term fella, which reminds those in RE of their ignimonious defeat...."

    Has that satisfied your historical curiosity mate?
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  9. There one was a fella called Horatio
    Who performed for the Ffrench Felatio .....
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  10. I'd rather be called 'Fella' than 'Gunner'
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  11. Great, another tosser who thinks people need to 'earn' the right to use a passing term like mate when speaking to him.

    What are you, ******* royalty?

    How's cuntchops. Does that work for you?
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  12. And how might we prove ourselves worthy to enjoy that right, oh great one?
  13. History....... complete load of bollox. Started in Chatham where a CO addressed everyone as fellow, some fat **** going nowhere JNCO started chopsing-off about it and the weak minded followed. Arround 2006 IIRC. Defo no history or deep meaning about it.

    Hope that helps fella me mate.
  14. Couldn't have been 2006, I remember being at gib in 2003 and it was just as hated then. The ten years I've been in we've always hated it.
  15. You hate it because of your inner shame at adoring schlong.

    Don't worry about it though, just because you crave the taste of other men's ejaculate it does not make you a fiend.

    Merely a homosexual RE.
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