Why do regs hate their lifestyle ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_breakfast_club, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. I've been in the t.a for a while now and after visiting a regular camp last year, I got talking to a fair few regulars. Very decent bunch of boys and girls and not anything like I imagined. Never heard the word "STAB" once, lol. I've been thinking of joining the regs after my tour and started asking questions on what it's really like.

    90% of them said it's ******* shit and they can't wait to get out. They would rather be in the t.a anyday.
    Is this because of the fact that once you sign up there's no getting out of it for the next 4 years, or because... behind the scenes it really is shit ?

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  2. Could be a shit camp. Dalton Barracks by any chance?
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  3. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    You didn't say what cap badge they were, where they were at it all makes a difference but one thing is common to all three Services, they love to moan about how crap life is inside - without generally ever having experienced it outside and all think the grass is greener, particularly at the start and end of their careers.

    Most people I serve with accept its a lot harder now than ever before but in general it is what it is and its a decent job with a decent wage and it does give you opportunities that civvy life doesn't, in general. Having done it the other way I know being a Reserve isn't a fun either and then there's balancing a civvy job with that.

    I wouldn't place a lot of store in what you found from a small sample of a very large population.
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  4. Did they say why they thought it was that bad? Just interested to know really. I would hope that it is not all bad for them and they are getting something good out of the experience.
  5. Tad of an ambiguous question.......could be manifold reasons; location, role, OC. or the simple fact they're a bunch of bleating twats...............only saying like!
  6. For sure, there could be a lot of given reasons from different people and, yes, they could just be whingers. Just wondered if there were any common themes to the complaints but acknowledge that even if so, it could still just be baseless moaning.
  7. I used to be the world's worst moaning soldier...........I looked upon it as one of the perks !
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  8. Typical whinging toms...

    Nothing new and most of them wouldn't know anything else anyway.

    20 yrs later I still whinge... Occasionally, then I look at my wage and realise how luck we are in the Army

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  9. A, There's a very handy thing in the Army these days, aptly named JPA followed by a section for signing off.

    B, Many Squaddies will always Moan & Groan (very common) and will say it's shiote even if they were in Heaven.

    c, Along with the current ongoing Reduncancy Tranches morale for the affected will either be positive, negative or other.

    D, In general regs don't hate their lifestyle at all as it's a commonly misleading to Non-regs, if it were really that bad then they'd refer to point A and stick to it....Simples.
  10. The cap badge was rlc and it was Abingdon. I havnt been anywhere else so that's why I asked people in the forums.

    Is this generally a shit camp ?

    As I don't know the difference
  11. That goes a long way towards explaining it.
    Or maybe they just didn't like you and were trying to put you off.
    Oh, and Abingdon is shit
  12. Yes, maybe there should have been an entry for whinging on the annual confidential, higher score for more complaining is how I see it :)
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  13. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    Ah! Haven't been since the RAF were in, 1981 for a cross country race. It was boggy, flat and miserable. Has it changed much?
  14. If it has changed at all I would gues become even more miserable. I never went there mind but am convinced from what I have heard of the place it sounds rubbish.
  15. They realised within 4 minutes of meeting you that were a STAB bellend, and within 24hrs confirmed their suspicions about you being a gash soldier.

    They were telling you it was shit hoping that it would put you off joining them as a proper soldier.
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