Why do RAF Flight Sergeants think they are the same rank as a WO2

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Pink_Ops, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Grips my shit this does, and i see it regularly.

    a RAF Flt Sgt is an OR-7, so why on earth do they think they are the same as an Army WO2???????

    Does their QR's say something different?

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  2. What ? Since when ? When I was in crab air the flight sgts never said that, such bullshit.
    Oh and by the way QR's are QR's AFAIK
  3. I couldn't agree any more.


    The whole lot of them.

    And thieving basterds too!
  4. Maybe it comes from the fact that (in certain trades) it goes Sergeant - Chief Tech - FS - WO, which would seem similar to Sgt - Staff Sergeant - WO2 - WO1?

    Definately equal to Staff/Colour Sergeant though, the RAF doesn't have a WO2 equivalent.
  5. Had this issue once in the Sgts Mess in Mount Pleasant FI. "You're only an Army Staff Sergeant!"

    The discussion ended with one poorly flight sergeant searching the carpet for his recently ejected dental bridge, they all have one, it's a sort of crumple zone built in for when they try this on!

    Never forget service seniority! Although, for any skates who may be able to read this, for your info, King Alfred already had an Army before he formed a Navy. He simply marched some of them aboard.

    Or does anyone really believe that an Anglo Saxon King simply wandered about the country in the dark ages with a big shiny crown on his head completely on his jack jones?
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  6. A Warrant Officer is by an Act of Parliament issued a Warrant (hence the term), and no one can take that away other than Parliament. A Flight Sergeant is just that, now I know I'm in another country but our military traditions/customs/rank structure is still the same. Any one who begs to differ is an out and out ****** and doesn't know how the rank structure works, and probably has an inferiority complex. I think remedial recruit training is in order.
  7. QR (Army) 2/4-1

    Staff Corporal
    Staff Sergeant
    Colour Sergeant, RM

    is an equal rank to

    Flight Sergeant(4)
    Chief Technician(4)
  8. I think the only person who thinks this is the original poster
  9. i have also in the past had an RAF SAC claim to be the equivelent rank to a L/CPL when in reality he is a PTE equivelent.
  10. what's that meant to mean?
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    He probably means that the OP (i.e. you) is a complete ******* tool for trying to re-open a discussion which has been done to death on ARRSE several times.
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  12. You are Uthtred of Bebbanburg, and I claim my £10.:viking:
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  13. the only complete fuckin tool is you Auld Yin, as you are old (and nearly dead, thank ****) you probably didn't realise that i'm new'ish on here, so how the **** am I meant to know it's been discussed previously, now **** off you decrepit stinkin jock twat. Thanks
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  14. Of course he did. Evidence of exactly that has been found.

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