Why do people hate the Conservatives and why is it so mainstream?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Combine, May 15, 2017.

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  1. For along time now when I see the conservatives mentioned on any subject there seems to be a strong belief online and some people I speak to in the real world that the torys are just there to ruin Britain.

    From wanting all the old people and disabled to die, to killing the NHS, put the poor over a barrel with the bed room tax etc and give all there rich mates massive tax breaks and so on.

    I remember seeing somthing on facebook over somthing and another about the Torys and an asian chap placed a comment about being a Tory voter along with somthing else I forget.

    But what I do remember was the comments from mainly white people attacking him from voting conservative, and how he won't be seen as one of them by other Torys, doing his own kind over and how he should join labour and they will invite him with open arms.

    So my question really is are they really as bad as they say? And why.

    Quick edit, I voted Ukip last time around and will vote Tory this time around.

    Just want to know why there is this flak for the Tory which seem socially acceptable when I don't see it
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  2. I think they're just returning to more traditional Tory values - and it seems to be working for them.
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  3. Fcuk off Corby .
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  4. Not many votes here Corbyn. You want to abolish our employer, our boss and hand the country over to our enemies!
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  5. I voted ukip last time and will vote Tory this time?

    I was asking why so many people give thr torys flak
    Ill edit my post
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  6. Corbyn wants to nationalise everything he can get his hands on. I see private pensions taking a hit if people are stupid enough to vote them in.
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  7. Looking at your second paragraph. It would be strange if the tories wanted old people to die as old people are seen as tory voters.
    The bedroom tax is always a bit of a red herring too. It only applies to people on benefits, renting, and with one or more empty bedrooms.

    It doesnt apply to pensioners who quite often live alone, receive housing benefit and have one or more free bedrooms.
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  8. Only the poor and needy.

    I reckon Stephen Hawking and Phil the Greek are ok. I'm pretty sure those that aren't a drain on society will be allowed to crack on.

    It's just natural selection.
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  9. I know that, I don't think i worded my thread right, it seem it just seems to be the mainstream opinion on the Torys
  10. To the hole.
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  11. never really understood why its a bedroom 'tax'.

    no-ones taking away anything you've actually earned.....You just get less less free money (mainly for being a selfish c**t).
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  12. You sure you are on the right forum?
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  13. Its a 'bedroom tax' because its a catchy name and sounds oppresive.
    If people kept its proper name of spare room subsidy it wouldnt sound as good :)
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  14. Fixed - FoC
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  15. We know what or who the poor are in the UK but who are we defining as 'rich' in this thread to know who the rich are that might be getting the tax breaks mentioned in the first post.

    The poor are:
    A couple earning £32000 per year or less.
    Average are:
    A couple earning approx £53000 per year (using fag packet maths here)

    So who are the rich?
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