Why do people go to hospital?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Acid_Tin, Apr 12, 2005.

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  1. What dreadful genetic makeup do these 'people' have, to be brought low by their own underwear? Are their parents related? Do they all live in Leominster? What was that kid doing in a wieghtless environment at all - let alone for 'a prolonged stay'? :D

  2. Bath full of p1ss?
  3. When I was young about 5, this silly kid was running about with an toy arrow in his mouth, he ran into a wall, and by fcuk it did hurt me, straight up to casualty, were I looked like a red indian who just had an ND or tried to commit suicide :lol:
  4. We usually send our elderly relatives to hospital so they can be euthanased by MRSA...
  5. Ahh, the silly season approaches. I am a nurse in an orthopaedic trauma operating theatre and the coming good weather will bring with it all sorts of silly injuries for us to patch up. One favourite is tendon damage caused by folk splitting burgers apart with a knife at barbaque time. Ladder and hammer accidents also feature heavily when the DIY 'experts' resume their activities.

    Nothing quite tops the 'removal of foriegn body from rectum' patients. Luckily, these are all year round cases and never cease to amuse. You would not believe how many people acidentally sit on dildo's, candles, hair brushes, jam jars, golf balls, gerbills and light bulbs 8O
  6. when I was training as an ODA we had a guy with a dinner fork in his rectum, would not say how it got there. Interesting op a forkectomy