Why do Officers NO KIDS get Bigger houses?????

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by HatsRus, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right Forum but here goes a rant:

    Saw a question in Soldier Mag the other month, which raised the point about allocation of MQ's dependant on family size. However, did not like the reply from the housing people. They stated that if the person wanted to change the system they should go through thier CoC. Great cant remember the last time i told my CO that i believe he should have a smaller house than me because he has NO kids. Wonder how much change that would bring about.

    I accept that a CO should have a representative house but why should a Capt with NO kids be entitled to a 3/4 bedroom house of approx 115sq metres, whilst soldier with three kids is only entitled to a 3 bedroom house of approx 88sq metres.

    These regulations are Tri Service and i would love to know how they came up with the reccomendations. Maybe whoever decided these sizes (probably officer types or ex officer types) should spend a few days in a 88 sq metre house with a postage stamp for a garden whilst 3 kids of varying ages try to study for exams, compete for independance and generally live on top of each other. Whilst looking across the road at the Capt + Wife + NO KIDS having massive bar-B- ques in their football field of a garden, with guests staying in the 2 spare double bedrooms!!!!

    Remember somebody once telling me that the them and us divide had long since vanished, apparently not in the housing dept. To qoute an officers wife who complained that her New build MQ didn't have ensuite to the master bedroom, maybe she should have come to my house with the outside toilet in the Garden (I joke you not)....
  2. what are you on about????

    .....next you'll be complaining that a Capt with no kids gets £101 per day where as LCpl Fcuknuts and his entourage of 8 kids only earns £62 per day....

    why don't you use your 5 yr or 8 yr money as a deposit for your own place....or you could use your REN leave to go house hunting...

    ...there's 3 priviledges ORs get that Offrs don't get...
  3. simple mate. RHIP. 'nuff said.
  4. Well where else would they accomodate the labrador and Filipino houseboy?
  5. Accommodate them in the same room and you could raise some serious money from special interest groups...
  6. I believe officers should receive better housing then other ranks (and i'm not an officer). If you wanted a bigger house then maybe you could have joined up as an officer instead of a tom! In any profession heirachy has its privelages and rightly so. We all have a choice when we join up whether we want to become an officer or soldier and those with the right qualities(whatever they are) and who choose to become officers get better housing aswell as other things. Those that don't, well unlucky. Live with it! It's the same in any other country except Russia where even fighter pilots and submarine captains live in squalor!
  7. What about the LE Capt who was RSM? 22 years in the ranks, commission and get put back on the patch with the 18year olds who got married because:
    a. They wanted to get out of the block
    b. Theyve never heard of contraception

    I only have 1 spare double bedroom, the other one is somewhere between a single and a double. Although youre right about one thing, my garden is massive.

    Rank has its privilages, and as pointed out above, so does being an other rank.

    By the way, I'm not an officer.
  8. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    REN leave yes I agree with you, However 5 and 8 year money err no there was some excuse why we could not have it. Stopping the FRI a day before the course started
    and not a single qualification from my trade after 14 years ( have sorted my own) Yup thanks for nothing. Although I am an OR at least I have one double room and a single
    that passes for a cupboard. Alas no bin lids but hey those are the choices stop breeding like rabbits I say.

  9. i dont think people will be taking lifestyle advice from someone who spends 14 years doing a job and not getting a single qual for it, bearing in mind the army gives them away
  10. At the end of the Day - it gets dark!
  11. Have to back the ski geek up on this one. Unfortunately they dont give civi quals out in his job (he'd fail them anyway!!)

    On the subject of the housing, are we forgetting that the larger officer housing tends to be on the officers patch? I doubt the Army or DHE will ever consider mixing the patches so that Soldiers with larger families end up living next door to Officers - its not going to happen. What is obvious is that there is a lack of larger housing available to those who need it on the Soldiers patches, and some that are classed as three bedroom tend to have 2 good sized rooms and one box cupboard, illustrated by a mate of mine who has recently had a second child and was unable to fit a cot in the third bedroom and then open the wardrobe doors or fit in a cupboard for clothes storage.

    I admit to being a little cynical about this - Allington homes are a profit driven organisation and in the current housing market will strive to sell off those houses that are going to make them the most money - in this case 3 and 4 bed homes. Hence the shortage.
  12. My mate is a CO. He's single, and rattles around in a huge house on his own! I knew a Roman Catholic cavalry type some years ago - he had TWO quarters because he had eleven fcuking kids!!

    However, in this day and age, I do think it bizarre that officers and 'men' get different sized furniture. Presumably it's because the ORs houses are so small. We stayed in some transit accommodation a few months ago that was furnished with OR kit - the double bed was tiny and the armchairs were shite. Surely it must be cheaper to only buy one sort of everything rather than two?
  13. Errrr, no it hasnt and I personnaly hope it never does. The total separation of the them from us is essential to the entire discipline thing in my humble opinion and if it means them being housed in the posh patch, then so be it.
    "Life has a habit of kicking you in the ass, I only have vauge recollections of when it wasn't kicking mine...."
  14. i'm more than happy for bill-oddies to start being equal on housing...

    ....i pay nearly £500pcm for my quarter...i trust the 'peoples-army brigade' would be happy with the charges being equal too...

    ...or would they want some kind of pay as you reside scheme where-by you only pay how much you think you should and only when you're actually there!!!
  15. Filbert Fox wrote
    of course no officer has ever married just to get out of the mess, have they?????

    i'm still a jnr but been with my "doris" for 17 years, feckin long sentence just to get out of the block don't you think?