Why do no other units have a tatoo of their capbadges?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by suzywong, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Or am I wrong but it only seems that marines and paras do this..... Comments would be nice...... Many Thanks
  2. What are you waffling about?
  3. Just waffling..... As ya do....
  4. Maybe its because you have only seen naked marines and paras.
  5. it's got to be said that having a big RLC capbadge tattooed on yer arse isn't exactly going to turn you into a sex god overnight....
  6. Does that mean if your regiment get amalgamated, you gotta have a new one?
  7. No, but an Engineer one does... 8)
  8. In Russia criminals use tattoos as a passport to their world or as a way of humiliating somebody.
  9. I read about this in 'Gulag'.

    Some prisoners would have penises tattooed on their cheeks to look like they were administering fellatio.

  10. I've been told that once you have memorised your capbadge tattoo you can apply to have it removed....
  11. One of the troopers I knew (not a mate) had what he thought was an authentic Blues & royals cap badge tattooed on his arm in gun metal brown.
    What it actually looked like was a runny chocolate ring doughnut. I have also seen NCO's have their rank tattooed just before they got bust in a "they won't take these fuggers off me " kind of way. :D
  12. It’s so that if you are found in the gutter a little tired and emotional they know which guard room to drop you off at.

    Must make it a little difficult if you are captured to say “but I’m only at cook”.
  13. They would be able to tell you weren't a cook when they got you to make them some scoff and didn't burn it (that and the fact that you had just parachuted amongst them armed to the teeth with not a ladle in sight)