Why do my threads/posts all end up in the arsse hole?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Chimpy., Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. More specifically, why are they all placed in one big thread in the arsse hole?

    I tell you a genuine story about a Marines vs Para fight and you think it's unworthy of the NAAFI bar?????
  2. Cos you're a cunt?
  3. Your grasp of the english language just keeps getting better and better chimpy......lol..
  4. Hows BattleCat Chimpy?
  5. He's fine. He's always out shagging the other cats from the other farms ... My mrs says I should get his balls chopped off but I think it would be cruel to do that.
  6. It's because your soooo special that you get your own thread, now isn't that nice Chimpy?

    Would you like a bit of silver foil? Or a balloon maybe?
  7. Fcuked if I know Chimpy. though I did hear that the Word Association 2007 thread was getting lonely.

    God moves in mysterious ways and so do Mods.
  8. I think it's like a greatest hits collection, or maybe there just trying to sweep you out of the way... read in another thred that you were arrested care to divuldge :p
  9. lol, I like the idea of Greatest Hits ... but not enough to be greatest hits of the arsse hole.:(

    Anyway, I explained why I got arrested in the other thread.
  10. just blew me brew out of my nose :D