Why do men spend all their time playing online games

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RearWords, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Why is that men spend all their time on the computer playing online games rather than talk to a real person. Have men lost the art of conversation. Or is it that women are no longer saying anything of interest.
  2. I most ertainly do not spend all my time playing online games.
    I set aside hours each day to trawl the ARRSE Forums
  3. Women have never had anything interesting to say, it's just in times gone by men haven't had anything better to do!
  4. What do you mean 'no longer' ?
  5. In my case I play online games to get some peace. Usually though the minute I pick up the controller for half an hour of relaxation seems to be the clue for my missus to start talking drivel to me after not saying a word until I do. Why is it that women always have to be the center of attention and cant seem to work out that when we come home we want a few minutes to ourselves ??, As soon as I get home there she is on the doorstep ten minutes later. My missus hates me playing the PS3 anytime, which is a bit rich as it isn't her flat. Or PS3. Not that I helped really by taking the username Love_Sludge and then telling her about it, its in honour of a physical quality of a certain area of hers.

    Men don't need to talk about EVERY little thing like women do, we really don't care about most of what women say, we just act like we do so we can get into your frillies.
  6. There are real people on the internet? I thought you were all figments of my imagination.
  7. What he said.

    My bold. Why do women do that? It's the same when I put a program on the tv to watch.
    Me= "Mind if I watch the football love? After all I've sat quietly through hours of shite soap operas over the last few weeks."
    Mrs.M="Not at all."
    Football (or any program I want to watch) duly put on.
    5 minutes later.
    Mrs.M="Oh the next door neighbours daughters, boyfriends, gran has died. Isn't that sad? Maybe we should send flowers."
    Me="Shut the fuck up. I'm not interested, & couldn't give a monkeys left knacker. Gerrard just missed a sitter."
    Cue Mrs.M storming out the room muttering how I'm horrible & have no feelings. Me sitting smugly watching the footy in peace.
  8. cos you wenches don't put out.
  9. Because otherwise it's a long, depressing litany of banal questioning (like this thread's opener.)
  10. I have to put up with hours of Gok Wan or fcuking Charmed or some other sh1te that my missus wants to watch.

    So when I say "Right, I'm gonna watch something else", she'll go online.

    Just because I'm playing online as opposed to watching something else makes no difference.

    Shes's already agreed to give up 'TV Rights' so it doesn't matter what I do with it, Programme or COD 4.

    Then she starts telling me how her day went.

    So I just turn the volme up.

    She gets the hint eventually.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    So I, a 59 year old, strikingly handsome (for that read fat fecker) bloke is a figment of your imagination?

    I am not quite sure how to take that :oops: :p
  12. Didn't say I had a "good" imagination, did I?
  13. Oh I can so relate to that. I have lost track of the number of times I have sat down with my missus waiting for a film or something to come on, something we are both going to watch. We sit in total silence during all the cr@p that leads up to it then, normally just as the titles finish her mouth engages. She sits there spouting mindless drivel in my ear, I normally just totally blank her and concentrate on the film, she gets the idea fairly quick now :D
  14. Its really simple to get them off the computer though. This is how it happens at casa Dolly.

    Mr Dolly: When's dinner ready?
    Me: Bout an hour
    Mr Dolly: OK ill go play on my computer for a bit then.
    Me: No you wont coz were gonna get on it for an hour
    Mr Dolly: your on top.