Why do men spend all their time playing online games

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RearWords, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. Why is it that men spend all their time on the computer playing online games rather than talk to a real person. Have men lost the art of conversation. Or is it that women are no longer saying anything of interest.
  2. When women learn to say something of interest or relevence,that would possibly be a starting point.
  3. To stop my wife from talking at me.
  4. Didn't you ask this question once already RW?
  5. Now listen Del I had to put it in "arrse online gaming" aswell, some of them spend all their time there.....! :roll:
  6. Not me, I trawl ALL the Forums of ARRSE
  7. And not just Arrse, I bet either Del :wink:
  8. You know me too well Sainty!
    One Fecking Sausage!
  9. That's a very libelous statement! Fallout3 is not online!
  10. It's because his wife is there. As soon as she goes out he spends all his time online trawling for porn.
  11. Women should be seen and not heard, the only time they are allowed to speak to the male/master is after sexual intercourse, when she is allowed to tell the male/master of his greatness in the bedroom and humbly beg for more, then ask if the male/master would like an egg banjo and a beer (or spirit if you are so inclined), light his ciggy and fcuk off to the kitchen where she belongs, so the male/master can then get back to his pc/laptop and onto ARRSE.


    R-W, hope this helps :D
  12. Cos your always gassing on the feking phone or not understanding what the movie is about
  13. That is why they, women, have small feet, so they can stand closer to the sink
  14. Can we merge this thread with the other one?
  15. STFU noob.