Why do idiots get themselves in shit and expect me to help them out?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Gobbly wobbly, Mar 23, 2013.

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  1. Today has been a challenging day in North Wales. We have had a metre of snow in (high) parts and I have seen drifts twice my height. I got called into work because thousands of people have no power. I could have stayed at home but I got the shovel out, dug my car out, my neighbours came and helped. It took me an hour but I finally got to a clear road and got to work. In work contractors from all over the country gathered and one had a landrover with decent tyres and nothing particular to do. I grabbed him and asked him if he would chauffeur me around. No probs, I collected some work and went to try and fix stuff.

    The back roads are covered in deep snow and there are trees down all over the place. The Landy was doing what it was supposed to do and the driver was good at driving in the snow. If a road was blocked by trees we would get out and walk. I had lots of luck and changed fuses and got people back on all day. My biggest problem was snow tourists. The attitude seemed to be "I have a 4x4, lets go and have a look." The trouble is that they have road tyres and they can't ******* drive.

    I saw people stuck up roads they had no conceivable reason to be driving up. As I came into site there little faces beamed with delight, oh good some one who can help. Except, I can't help, I have places to be and they are in the ******* way. One individual was driving his Range Rover Evoque down a road that goes nowhere in particular and he could have used a main road to get to the other end anyway, but there he was in a t-shirt with his blond girlfriend powering along with all four wheels spinning like mad. What was he going to do when he got stuck? Was his girlfriend going to help him dig it out?

    The one that really took the biscuit though was the individual who had got his Disco really stuck. We pulled off the main road onto a minor road and it became obvious instantly that we weren't going to get anywhere. The slow was hugely deep and I could see massive drifts and beyond the drifts was idiot boy's disco. I knew we were at least a click from where we needed to be and I grabbed my gear and set off up the road to get to site. I knew for a fact that there was a very elderly couple at the end of the track and they hadn't had power for 24 hours. We walked up to the chap and he asked if we could help. His disco was up to its axles in snow with big deep ruts under the tyres. The body of the disco appeared to be resting on the snow. My driver went "Sorry mate we would get stuck and we need the Rover to get the power back on." He was utterly incredulous, he couldn't believe that we wouldn't help him. He got quite shirty but it didn't matter to me cos I kept walking.

    Got to site, simple job but an unusual fuse was required. No problem, I had a large bucket of different fuses back at the land rover. I walked past his stuck Disco and he was giving me the evil eye as I went past. Got the fuse and walked back. Put the power on checked on the elderly couple, they made me and the driver a cup of tea because it was blowing a blizzard and we set off back for the rover. As the Disco came into sight I could see another landrover coming up the road towards it. This one was the bees knees, big tyres, front and rear winches and it seemed to be coping with the snow really well. It screeched to a halt and as we drew level they had just hooked up the disco and they began to pull. Disco came out of the rut so all's well that ends well. Not really, as we got in our rover I could see that the disco was stuck again and so was the land rover.

    So to finally get to the point, I have a few questions

    1. Why go out in terrible conditions when you don't have to?
    2. Am I actually obliged to help out in non life threatening and entirely avoidable situations?
    3. Why would anyone assume that a person who is extremely busy because of those conditions has to help them?

    Gents, if you have a 4x4 and want to know what the conditions are like, take it from me they're bad, stay at home.
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  2. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    As its North Wales, you could just pretend to be English, and they will stay there in the snow drifts just to spite you and come across as being superior.
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  3. 1. cos they think that the possesion of a 4WD gives them a higher social status
    2.no sod them, let them learnt he hard way
    3.because we live in a society where people expect everything done for them

    last time he had heavy snow I left my old Octavia on the drive, safest place, cancelled my work for a few days, cheaper than buying another car or leaving it and returning to find the local scum have stolen all my tools ( yep they do round here)
    I packed tools in my big rucksack some food, hot drinks decent boots and walked to my call outs
    got all the elderyl people warm again
    trouble is people are lazy and want to be seen in there status symbols and will not walk a few miles
    you did the right thing screw them
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  4. 1) Because they are cnuts
    2) Nope, well a bit....
    3) see 1
  5. We have bad weather down here (NZ) most winters. The panel beaters make a fortune out of the dopey townie ***** in 4 x 4's who go for a jolly and either get stuck or crash. I was chatting to one of the recovery guys a while ago and he reckons the funniest thing is 9 out of 10 4 x 4's he has to go and rescue is still in 2 wheel drive when he gets there. As to whether you have a moral obligation to help someone, who knows, **** them the stupid twats.
  6. Disco driver appeared to have a tiny touch of pikey about him. So he could have been Irish.
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  7. probably out on the Rob, best thing to leave him
    you could always perform a public act and burn the thing, thats one less on the road to annoy us and tarmacing drives
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  8. I was supposed to be heading to Sheffield this weekend to visit an old friend of the missus who is a militant feminist Lesbian vegetarian liberal, her missus is worse, she's all of the above except she's vegan and a social worker to boot.

    Thank f*ck for the unfortunate weather. ..I REALLY didn't need to do that journey! :)

    (On a slightly less me orientated note. ...there are some turbo f*ckwits out there)

    P.S What's a disco (no wah)

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  9. You were very wrong in two important respects....

    1. You should have stood and laughed at him, pref with pointing at his motor and girlie.
    2. you should have told him what you have just told us, in the vain hope that he will learn something.
  10. Landrover Discovery or alternatively a place to dance and pick up tarts.
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  11. One of lifes lessons that has been degraded by too much civilisation.

    Stupid should hurt.

    If you help them, make them pay forit and take the cash up front as well.
  12. that made me larf.
    the point being so true.
  13. I like driving in the snow, I can drive in the snow, I have decent winter tyres (compulsory here) I have a Defender, sometime I think **** it I will walk or stay in doors.

    Mind you its funny seeing twats in X3s from Milan or what ever being pissed all over by old boys in Fiat Panda 4x4s.
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  14. I was driving up a mountain in France(going skiing) and I had to stop to put the snow chains on. There was a guy stuck about 60m in front of me in a range rover. He came down asked(in French) how to put his car into 4 Wheel drive. I actually helped him, shouldn't have really.
  15. People are stupid. I have a lowered MX-5 (yes, I know) and can and do drive in snow. Do it slowly, sensibly and before now I have stopped and done a recce.

    However if more than a moderate dusting I make a pot if coffee and stay home.

    Make up some business cards with your rates on them for vehicle recovery - hand them out to the useless twats. Genuine cases I help out myself (gave my spare 5l of petrol to a stranded mum once, gotta keep karma inside) but I laugh at morons and pass them by.

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