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Why do I STILL at my age find it funny??

Why at the age of 21 do i still find farting Funny, Every time I hear one....I crease and I am Laughing for ages and ages......

What do others find funny?
Maybe you find farts so funny is because your Scottish.

The smell of warm shite wafting through your nostrils covers the usual smell of battered mars bars and burnt spoons.

Tin lid on....INCOMING!!
Many years ago whilst a young squaddie I was dating a bird from Bexleyheath.
I was a rough fucker from up norff and her family were delightful middle class twee types, ever so ever so. And very priggish.

They had an elderly Dachshund which used to do the most vile and noisy farts.

In the front room one day, we were all sat having a cup of tea (Her Dad, Mum, Brother & Sister, Me and a couple of snooty neighbours) when the Hund wanders in and promptly lets a fucking huge one go. The Hund then looks at everybody as if to say "What I clever boy I am."

Cue : Total silence except for me getting that painful ache that happens when you try not to laugh.

Cue hysterics and the future father in law saying things like "What's so funny then? He does that all the time" which just made me worse. Sensing the joy that it had spread, the dog goes into an uncontrolled farting session and finally cleared the room.

Apparently it was my fault for laughing in the first place, not the done thing so I was told.
Hey! I enjoyed it too! It reminded me of our dog Sox, who would slink under the table to be fed scraps during dinner. Being fed got his guts going, whereupon he would perpetrate silent and eye-wateringly putrid farts. The first anyone knew was when the fetid stench wafted up to nostril level, amidst much gagging.

This told Sox that he'd done something wrong, but he could never understand what, so he'd start slinking away. We couldn't stand his crestfallen act, so we'd usher him back and put up with the reek.
Well, what with all that piss & shit sniffing, and sleeping with their noses up their arses, I would guess dogs see a good fart as a waft of Armani aftershave, and are just trying to please....

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