Why do I shake during exercise??

Blood sugar.

A mate had this exact thing and was told blood sugar, he went to GP and it was sorted, I'll touch base with the lad and see how he did it.
Possibly low oxygen levels? :study:

Used to get this when I "trained" in my teens. Another guy at the gym told me I wasn't breathing properly during the lift/push/movment etc etc. :strong:

mind you he did tell me to touch him "there"..... :wtf:
Don't be worried about it being blood sugar, just some dietary chance would be needed is all, just not sure exactly what so I won't speculate.

er...any more than I already have done by suggesting it's blood sugar...
Take more than beer to bribe me, but every man has his price I guess.
Crescent, if you could have a word with your mate and maybe PM me? I'm not too sure if this is some thing i'd see my GP about at mo, as like I say it's not affecting my ability or performance, it's just a bit wierd and annoying! However there is a family history of diabetes (my nan went undetected for 60 - odd years) and obviously that is something I'd want to get checked out. I've just never thought of walking into my surgery and asking for this particular test (who has??). Also, I've never had blood taken to be analysed for any reason, so it is quite possible this is something which has gone undetected. All speculation, off course!

Datumhead, everyones been there, it's ok, it doesn't mean you're not a man!

Edited to add, i'm not to sure about the low 02 levels...I'm not getting out of breath and I warm up sufficiently (I think) before exercise...maybe something to consider though...sh*t I'm turning into a right hypochondriac here!!

Cheers for suggestions, though, up to now lads!
Yeah I was going to see what he says.

Having said that, I know my mindset was sure as hell the opposite from this at your stage too: but your actual health in the real world is more important than getting in the army. But I realise that getting in becomes obsessive during the application process.

As much as I can tell ya what my mate did, you don't have his build, metabolism, blood makeup etc... go to your GP, if it's a simple dietary thing then no worries and it shouldn't affect your application as long as it's not major, if it's something more serious then you've caught it early.
Morty said:
I'm not too sure if this is some thing i'd see my GP about at mo, as like I say it's not affecting my ability or performance

If you don't want to go to your GP Lloyds Chemist (and probably others) do the test and/or sell self-testing packs. Though why pay for it, you can make an appointment with the nurse at your GP surgery who'll do a dipstick test. You simply pee in a sample bottle and she'll put a detector strip in to it to check for glucose/proteins in the urine. That'll determine if further tests are required. Eesie peesie (pun intended!) :eek:
See here:
Shaking muscles due to overload of muscle?
Perhaps you shake due to the genes in you, you could be a direct descendant of 'Bella the Bombay Belly dancer'

Or you could have an enormous tumour thats knocking you off balance everytime you put your sports leotard on.

You could just be a freak?
Just do a test mate eat a bar of chocolate or have banana or some sort of fruit then do the exercise and see if you still get the shakes. I have a very fast metabolism to the point where if i don't eat something before heavy exercise i can nearly pass out from my blood sugar dropping. I had this happen twice when at BMF and was told to see my doctor for blood pressure and blood sugar test it came back all fine no problems. So now i have something to eat about half hour before i train and haven't had the problem since. i get a stitch but breath it out.
Bananas with heaps of potassium and sugar in them are a good pre or post exercise snack. also they are full of dietary fibre, so if you don't rehydrate properly, you may find laying a cable becomes more difficult after exercise!

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