Why do I not get pay of higher rank?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by chair-borne, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. My boss is current out on Ops. He has been since Apr, and I won't see him until November after his POTL. I'm doing both his job and mine in barracks, but have been told that I am not intitled to pay of higher rank, as he is NOT on an operational LSN.

    Somewhat annoying as the difference is £6k. Anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Get a copy of your jobspec from RAO & decline this '2 for 1' if it isn't in there!
  4. In broad terms, the 'operational LSN' is a load of b0llox.

    If you are actually 'doing his job' i.e. making the kind of decisions that he did; involving yourself in managment issues as he did; going on conferences and meeting with his 'hat' on, then you are entitled to POHR. The cry is 'performing the duties of....with the appropriate responsibility'.

    However, if your job is rank-ranged to his rank, you have no hope. It's a little difficult to post definitively without knowing what it is you do exactly, and what ranks you both are.
  5. You have said that the difference between you is £6000, i'm not sure that this is possible within 1 rank range, for instance you a level 1 Sgt, and him a level 7 Staffy. As i understand it, POHR will only pay you 1 rank above, and then into the Pay 2 K that gives you a minumum of 2% of pay rise. If your a lancejack, and he's a Staffy unfortunately the're not going to pay you what he's getting paid, it doesnt work that way. Also, if acting rank is applied for so that you can fill a gapped/deployed post, you will only go up 1 rank. And as darth indicates, the "Operational LSN" line is RAO speak for i havent got a clue what i'm on about, so will feed to a load of bollox.
  6. Slopes, we can only wish for that, it might pay my mortgage off a bit quicker.

    If there isn't a gap in the establishment, the lad ain't going to get paid. Harsh, I know.
  7. Dale and Boney - never a truer word said!
  8. So just to get this straight cause at the moment i think i'm in the same boat.

    I took over my section from a stripey, and have been running it since october last year am I entitled to back pay for POHR from then?

    This is as a lance jack so I should be getting Full Screw pay?
  9. RE

    Is this Sgt still around? Does your unit have a slot available (in terms of an LSN) spare for you to pick up the 'extra' pay?

    The reason (sorry - one of many!) that this can get quite complicated (as Dale alludes to above) is that LAND pay our wages out of their budget, so it isn't as simple as you might think. Everything must be accounted for!!! :D
  10. The stripey was posted to another unit in october, but i'm not 100% sure about the LSN thingy who's the best person to ask about that?
  11. In theory (and practice too, I hope) the best person is your Troop Commander or equivalent. He/she can then pass it up the chain. Ultimately your CO will decide whether you qualify. What is certain is that due to the 'black economy' used by virtually all units, although it may seem that a space exists, it may in fact be held against another post in the unit; Mess Sgts etc are the usual suspects when looking at this sort of thing - I believe that actual scaled posts in that area are few and far between - for obvious reasons.
  12. Thank you very much Darth I think I may have found a better option for advice than queueing outside our chief clerks office!
  13. Hardly, but thank you anyway!

    The Adjt holds the relevant paperwork on 'who is where' in the unit, so your Troopie can actually raise the matter fairly simply over coffee or whatever.

    Also don't forget to claim back pay if you are successful - although I believe there are limitations on how far back you can claim it.

    Dale/Paymaster/Pay_mistri - do you know what they are?
  14. If only that was the case Darth, no rank ranges involved and apparantly I have no hope, as my job spec is to cover my boss when he's away. Son of a B*tch!
  15. C B where is the unit at present - is your boss on an IR tour or are you on rear party??