why do I get the ads on the homepage when loged in?

just got told by a mate that 1 of my images isi on the arrse homepage, logged in to have a gander and all I get is a freelander advert! I dont want a freelander, I already have a disco!!

any ideas? ( i thought the ads were for the unregistered viewers)


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( i thought the ads were for the unregistered viewers)
No. Unless you use Adblock or similar the ads are for everyone. Helps pay for the site. Years ago, if you donated, the ads didn't show but it hasn't been like that for ages.

Small price to pay for the site in my opinion.

Sorry, just re-read. Are you unable to see your phot on the front page at all?
Years ago we did once set it up so that donors didn't see some ads - I think though that was when we toyed with OTT adverts after the first posts in threads.

The aim is to have ads that don't interfere with site use, so therefore I would hope there is no need to set up such a system now and actually I would hope that there is no need to use an adblocker as a result of placement of ads on ARRSE. If many disagree then clearly we have it wrong and it's something I should look at.


I get adverts as headers & footers just like the 'old' site. Most but not all link to what I am viewing. I use FF 3.6.
Not been & still not an issue.
It does but please don't unless you do actually want to look at the ad content. Any sort of encouragement for people to click can quickly bring down the wrath of Google (something I am very keen to avoid) and is of course a very minor form of robbery from the advertiser who pays for that click. I genuinely appreciate the interest, but please just use the site and if something catches your eye that interests you then great, but otherwise forget they're there!
Never noticed they were there ... but that could be because I always use Firefox with Adblock Plus switched on. Just switched it off for a moment and there they were. Aaarrgghh ....
Aarrrgghhh? WFT? I use the site everyday and I'm not allowed to click on the Google ads even if I wanted to, but they have never made me want an adblocker.

I also don't think I would be necky enough to go on to a free site that relies on advertising (and donations to be fair) and start promoting the blocking of ads. It is in fact a form of very minor very petty theft. Not the end of the world for us but for some small hobby sites where every click counts towards the hosting bill, adblocker use is actually pretty offensive.
Not targeted against ARRSE ... Adblocker is permanently on, because some sites have so many ads and buckshee flashing pictures that they're just unpleasant to look at. The pics and ads are distracting and take up screen space. And I never click them anyway, so the site hasn't lost any revenue by my not seeing them.

Discrete little Google ads in text form are fairly inoffensive, but I'm not about to start configuring the thing one way for one site and one way for another.

I also don't think I would be "necky" enough to publicly accuse my users of theft if I were running a site, especially a free one. Last time I looked, the Theft Act stated that "A person shall be guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it."
I actually read in to this a bit more and plenty of people are objecting to adblockers and actually I agree so have made a message appear to those non-donors that use them.

When you think of all the small really useful sites out there where people put a lot of hard graft in and rely on a few google ads to give them something in return, it is pretty bloody offensive to rob them of it. In some cases, depending on terms and conditions, adblocking is actually illegal. On here not of course and while I fully accept that your "defined as.." is true, you are in spirit at least, in some very small very petty way... depriving a person or organisation of their income. Theft?


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you just don't get it do you? You made a perfectly sound (if somewhat trite) comment about changing adblocker settings for different sites.

However you continued in a way that shows up what a complete twat you are by quoting the Theft Act. As Arrse is paid for each click, I am sure any competent lawyer could make a case for permanently depriving Google of their pennies for spurious clicks.

But more importantly, Google don't like it and have made their position perfectly clear, which GCO is laying out in the plainest of language for you. I hope you learn from this, wind your neck in and perhaps become a useful member of Arrse, instead of moaning about a site you have posted on 26 times in 4 years. You could also donate to this FREE site to help it along.

As Arrse has over 50,000 members, I suppose it is inevitable that we pick up the odd looney, but you can change :)
What is truly offensive is the operator of a site telling users that they must look at his adverts in order to visit. And then accusing them of theft when they don't play his game.


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What is truly offensive is the operator of a site telling users that they must look at his adverts in order to visit. And then accusing them of theft when they don't play his game.
Remember the old saying "When the hole is big enough - stop digging".
What is truly offensive is the operator of a site telling users that they must look at his adverts in order to visit. And then accusing them of theft when they don't play his game.
A bit over-stated. I am not shouting "you are stealing" and actually I couldn't care less about the 10p or so that you may or may not contribute. What actually sparked me off on this tiny soap-box session was your "AAArrrrggghhh....(as if we had done something wrong putting ads on) (smug) I use adblocker" with the implication that so should everyone else. Everyone else being the users of the site that you are enjoying. Adblockers have been mentioned many times before and I have never objected - just the occasional "so you'll be donating then? :)"

I then read the opinions of others about this and thought that basically they're right. I added the suggested "stop you evil adblocker!" script to the site (for non-mods, charities, donors etc) - heh presto hours of costly time wasted to earn 3p :)
GCO: I'm using FF 3.6.8 and continually get taken to the adblock faq page when trying to read a thread? I'm not using any adblock addins, if I change to IE8 it doesnt' happen. I have (be it a long time ago!) also donated to the site and am happy to view adverts!

Cheers (confused)
Probably being a mong here but, having updated Firefox (to 3.6.8) this morning, everytime I go into a Forum the adblockers message comes up. I would love to turn Adblockers Off but don't know how to. It seems to have auto installed and turned on. Any tips?

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