Why do i bother?????

Discussion in 'REME' started by in-it-for-the-easy-life, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. Staffy board results are out and what a crock of s**t. Only 4 VMs get their Staffy, congrats to you lads. Why do i bother working my ass off just to get shafted at every board. Please don't comment with you should have gone Tiffy, i was never interested. But something is wrong.... Maybe VENG is to blame.... What's your comments?
    Bitter and twisted Artisan....
  2. Perhaps you were not perceived as better than the other 4 talented souls - even if you are? Find out where you placed on the board - you may have ended up being 5th with therefore a good chance of picking up as a reserve.

    Its all about the impact of your last few reports. Not the grades, but the words in the potential box and where you positioned against all the others. But I guess you know that.
  3. Please don't take this the wrong way but I hope your name is meant as a joke or I might consider it as a reason you didn't get promoted:wink:
  4. LOL, can see why you might think that, yeah its a joke....
  5. Thats one down out of the three ways i was hoping to get out of this unit:
    Promotion: Fail
    Redundancy: 4th of April
    SCR: 6 Months soon PPP here i come
  6. Mate, rejoice in the fact that you're proper shit. It proves the board system works in selecting the best. Plaster a rictus-like grin on your face, get your hand in your pocket and buy those more worthy than yourself a pint. Remember at the end of festivities to take your own life in your sad little bunk.
  7. Sorry forgot to add definatly VENG to blame we are clotting at the top end, think we are going to get cut down a bit on this redundancy, ive just counted 750 odd Cpl techs on the list to attempt to board. Natural wastage is not going to cull that lot
  8. You should have gone tiffy.

    Should have done what I did and enjoyed being a Sgt, then all of a sudden you become a SSgt............
  9. Seems like this thread is straying off already with the tiffies trying to raise a bite out of the Artisans. Ive got another thought on this that maybe VM Sgts might be the ones they weed out on this redundancy/PAP10 thing cheaper to sack a Sgt than a Staffie, dont promote till they know who is going to volunteer/voluntold.
  10. The answer is out there Gentlemen these are "TOUGH TIMES" said the email i have just read( which i shouldnt have seen i dont think)
  11. don't let those nasty tiffies get to you....thank christ I finished off at a time where you generally got made up for your last two years to get the staffys pension,, you had to be a proper **** up not to ....ah , the good old days!!!! Tiffs were the same then though so no change there ....... over to you scotia
  12. Ah the passover - the annual day of doom and port.
  13. Ah well take it or leave it
  14. Thanks to those that have bothered answering my question. Didn't want this thread to turn into a shoulda woulda coulda discussion, i was after some simple information on your reasons for the lack of Stripeys picking up. One thing i have heard is that due to the fact that Tiffies have had a years extension at their current rank they have been filling in Artisan posts. Anybody know if this is correct? Thanks in advance....
  15. DM(A) tells us how many blokes we can have at each rank. Expect all of the 'unspec' posts to be taken by the Tiffs for the foreseeable. At the moment the schools are pushing out 130 Tiffs ish a year. They then have to stay in rank an extra year. As the Corps were not geared up to force an extra year on each Tiff (there isn't enough posts for them) they have to squeeze them in somewhere. They invested more time/money on them so its them they will seek to employ as they are at that rank already.
    A lot has changed in recent years, i don't believe the Corps have done everything right by the people they employ. Knee jerk ideas are now being seen for what they are a little while down the line. VEng had a very poor showing for the oldies and will again next year. The boards will be the same again next time around.
    Lets see what happens on Monday for the true fireworks!