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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Taffnp, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. After a few hectic weeks of work in the run up to Xmas, working 60 - 80 hours a week, things are now quiet and I am forced to sign on again.

    When my JSA interview had finished, I was asked if there was anything else they could help me with.

    Yes I said, explain to me why when I only work 17 hours a week I have to pay full rent which leaves me £10 worse off for working, than if I had sat at home watching Jeremy Kyle and claiming JSA.

    She just shrugged her shoulders and said if you do more hours you will be better off. Feck me, if there were more hours I would do them.

    I have e mailed DWP, Job centre plus and my local councillor to no avail. So when I am offered a days work, am I going to have to say, don't bother unless you can guarantee me 3 days or more ?
  2. Catch 22 -- an unenviable situation to be in, Mate.
  3. Absolutely, but tell them why. The system can only change if there is enough feedback.
  4. Oh how happy I was when I worked 55 - 60 hours a week :)

    CAB, then will have to write to the PM
  5. Maybe The Boy Dave will change things?
  6. See your sig?
  7. if your only working 17 hours should be able to get housing benefit thats from your local council and possibly tax credits as well
    which is the inland revenue

    job centre should have told you this but hey ho .
    your entitled to HB even if you are working
  8. Mate, there are folk on here who will help you. You want to have PTSD, therefore cannot agree to sign on or work when available. Then go for your sick interview and tell them that you want to work, only two years without any income, , wonder why some folks want to top themselves and get it over with.
  9. So I thought. I thought if you took home less than £185 you were entitled to some help. However I received a letter informing me that the £163 I received for the two days work I did, did not qualify me for any housing benefit.

    It stated that the amount the law says I need to live on is £64.30 per week

    My weekly rent is £69.14. This means that if I take home a total of £133.44 or more I have to pay full rent.

    Assuming I work 17 hours @ £8.60 p/h = 146.20 gross £137.87 net

    At first glance I am £4.43 better off, however I still have use fuel to get to work and actually do 17 hours work.
  10. Pigs might fly too!
  11. Go to the Citizens Advice - they will help you with your situation
  12. CAB has been mentioned here and is certainly going to be of use to you. The difficulty, as I'm sure you are aware by now, is that the benefits system is hugely fragmental and it's difficult to get access to all your entitlements.
    A pretty useful website which I used to recommend (I was a CAB advisor in my uni days) is www.entitledto.com
    it calculates your entitlements, and what's good is you can vary the figures you put in (e.g. hours worked/ income) and see how it affects your overall entitlement.

    Hope this helps.
  13. Thanks will take a look, hope to contact the CAB today too
  14. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Make sure you also get an HC1 form. It covers health care so things like dental, optician, and prescriptions

    You fill that in and send it off to somewhere, Newcastle I think, (the envelope comes with the form)

    An assessment is made on income and outgoings and a suitable emeption certificate issued.

    Either an HC2 which is full emeption or an HC3 which is pay the first £X of any course of treatment.

    You should be able to get forms from places like job centres, benefits offices, dentists, GP surgeries.