Why do fecking wimmen...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Schaden, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    HAVE to flush the toilet when one is in the shower - ffs it's not going to kill anyone to lurk there for 30 minutes or so is it?

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  2. just do it to her. carrot and stick,only way they'll learn...
  3. Tell the dirty skank to stop having a shit whilst you're in the shower then.
  4. It's just one of our little pleasures in life......
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  5. that emasculated shriek as their skin is scalded from their body is like music to our ears...
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  6. Get your own back, wait until she's in the shower & do the same to her, if you've got a thermostat on the hot water, turn it right up to max so without the cold mixing in it will just about scald her! Then ask her how she enjoyed it!! ;-)
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  7. Mine washes her hands when I'm in the shower (flushing water is a separate main in HK). 6 + years and she still does it. Old dogs, new tricks?

    Why do women insist on having conversations in doorways or corridors? The three in my house do it all the time - it really pisses me off.
  8. So why whinge so much when we have to have a paper reading motion when your in the bath, with all your pinky scenty candley bubbly stuff? just one of our little pleasures in life! makes the bathroom smell more manly!!
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  9. There's a difference being brave and just downright stupid you know?
  10. i tried this after complaining about the plughole being blocked after she washed and combed her hair in the shower. she said i was overreacting about the shower ferret so i shaved off all my pubes next time i was in and left them (an impressive haul) there for her.

    she didnt seem to think she was overreacting.
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  11. WKD advert walt!!
  12. Shit in the shower to indicate your displeasure.
  13. My wifes fat bastard friend asked me if it would be easier to get a lapband in lapland?,,I said yes because they do it to reindeer,,,,,,,She believed me !!....
  14. I'm from Yorkshire, I thought 'Shower' meant those cnuts over the
    Well you live and learn, I'll have to tell the Missis, that thing hanging
    up there isn't a big Dildo,now!
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  15. you could always go old school and break her arm.