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Why do fat chicks go to the gym

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Big_Floater, Jan 4, 2012.

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  1. I know I know the answer is to loose weight, but on PT today ( What u say...) and whilst trying to do my bit, 2 very large chicks came in all in Lycra jump onto the bikes and push out 10 minutes whilst gassing and on level one, after 5 minutes messing with the controls, then leave.. WTF, what was the point.. So what are they trying to prove.. It's in the genes...
  2. New Year resolution innit.
  3. Maybe they were going to make a porn film - Chubsters unleashed
  4. They wanted to impress you.
  5. I think the real question is why you weren't hanging out of the back of both of their sweaty arses and blowing your ball grot all over their armadillo esque backs. Puff.
  6. They were just there to taunt you and flaunt their voluptuous bodies. You didn`t manage to pull, did you?
  7. Pleeaaaaaaase I do have standards and my new years resolution was no more fat chicks ;)
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  8. So they can shuffle their dirty sweaty gash all over the seats, knowing you will be there the moment they get off sniffing and inhaling their luscious scent.

    Or is that only me.
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  9. For the same reason they did exactly the same thing last year and will again next: the triumph of hope over experience.

    Fatties' brains do not work the same way as most of us. Where we have brain-cells devoted to willpower, concentration, motivation and forward-thinking, they have cake-identification. That's why they should be shot. Fucked and shot.
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  10. Hate to add this, why are half the wives on most pads estates over a size 16 ( btw mine isn't ;) )
  11. Fat chicks try harder. But obviously not in the gym.
  12. Thinking about it, why do fat folk wear trackies and trainers? Always bloody puzzled me...
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  13. No, thats not only you Stilly.... the word you are looking for is QOUMPH !!! Qoumphing and Snurgelling are the hobbies that make some peoples lives worth living.

  15. see ?! a Snurgler.