Why do fat birds wear thongs?

Fat birds look sh1te in thongs. Is there anything worse than seeing some bloated wheezer with stretch marks wearing low-slung jeans and the top of a thong sticking out?

Also, why do fat people wear sportswear? On any given day in any town there's the fat family waddling around in feckin Adidas shell suits and trainers. The only exercise they've ever done is pushing one out while on the crapper. Fat people, especially overweight women with bingo-wings, should be made to wear sackcloth smocks until they learn to stop shoving food into their pie holes.

Fat t0ssers.
Lets get rid of all the fatties!!! more pics of stunning bird in thongs is what we need!!
Anyone got any to post?? Girlfriends preffered, ex girlfriend even better!
...but they gotta pay...
Why did you have to post that just before lunch time?

Even on svelte like women - do they think that looks attractive?

wonder if I've got my PT kit in my car......
It's the six-backs that make me sick.

If you've got fat, buy some new fcuking jeans. Stop trying to wear the pair that fitted you before you plopped out that sh-it machine your pushing round Morrisons in a buggy. I don't want to see 8 pounds of corpse white flesh trying to escape over the top of your Wranglers. And another thing, get the slag stamp sanded off. Your days of anyone wanting to back-tackle you and aim his splodge at the Celtic star above your ringpiece are far behind you.

When they bend over to sort their kid out, you can't help but look, as the t-shirt rides up and the jeans ride down. You don't want to look but you can't help it. I wonder what keeps you looking. I've wondered ever since the ambulance strike, when I saw a dead old woman's jack-and-danny as we loaded her into the ambo. I had ample time to look away, but I couldn't help having a peek. I wish I could scrub my brain with a bass broom and some dettol.

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