Why do Continenal crisps never go stale?

This has been bothering me for ages, and was just brought to life again when I noticed, under the bed, a pack of crisps, large size, that I'd last had a go at 3 days ago. Rather than their British counterparts, who would have got soggy and soft in all of 6 hours, these still live up to the description "crisp". And they aren't unique, most continental potato snacks can weather a few days of neglect with no ill effects. What went wrong with the humble British spud?
Have you ever seen the film Soylent Green? yummy :D
Market forces innit.

No properly blubbery Britisher confronted with a jumbo sized sack of fat laden munchies can resist scoffing the lot. The continental crisp has to have enough E numbers to survive sitting around in unloved bowls for days on end as the natives distract themselves with cycling, social democracy and sexual innovation.

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