Why do Cavalry Officers/POs wear Red/Scarlet Trousers?

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Stavinski, Nov 14, 2004.

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  1. Now I'm aware of the KRH and their links to the 11th Hussars (Cherrypickers) who wear red trousers as is their tradition but why do all other officers and officer cadets who are in or want to join other cavalry regiments seem to wear the most absurd scarlet pantaloons known to man?

    Do proper cavalry officers wear them in the mess or is it just an OTC/Sandhurst thing?

    I'm not knocking it, if that is the collective identity then carry on, but you wouldn't see me dead in them.
  2. It's not unknown, although personally I wouldn't wear them in the Mess. And I would only ever wear scarlet moleskins - scarlet cords are awful.

    And yes it's a collective identity thing. We know they look stupid.
  3. Bit like LE's who all seem to buy sand coloured cords and pink shirts. From RSM to gay boys in a month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I think it's much more of an NCO thing - ludicrous trousers and shirt combinations seem far more prevalent in the Corporals' Mess than in the Officers'.

    'Hello, we're Cavalwee' or ironic statement?
  5. :?:Standards do slip.
  6. Clearly what are required are scarlet braces (with bright white button leathers and chromed adjusters) to prevent them slipping excessively.
  7. I used to wear a light blue (German clothes at the best) suit to the Corporals' Mess just to take the pee.
  8. Answer: Because we can, and still look damn good. Always best with a decent pair of brogues and a tweed jacket.
  9. I'm in the market for another pair of red moleskins - anyone got any advice on the best tailors. Like the ones at Cordings as they have a French bearer fastening but not sure if they have belt loops (which I dont like). Now teh sales are on could be time to pick up a bargain! :lol:
  10. Now I know i'm a tankie and therefore thankfully don't need to know this type of stuff, but what exactly is a French bearer fastening?

    And why would you want one?
  11. Its a cut of material that is stitched at an angle on the inside right of the front of the trousers and attaches to a button on the inside left. Tend to find the longer the fastener the better quality of tailoring and the better the fit as it 'pulls' the trousers together below the waistline.

    Damn fine idea I'd say old chap. Not the sort of thing that BHS or Next etc employ.

    May find it on your SD trousers - Mine are by Dege (& Skinner) and they as I'm sure all Savile Row Tailors use it.
  12. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

    I do infact appear to have some trousers with said french bearer fastening, just didn't realise that was what it was. I definately don't, however, own any red trousers, even ones from BHS.
  13. Red trousers(with or without the french bearer or "Napoleon's delight")should only be worn by well known red-headed people like Satan,Judas iscariot and Canteen Cowboy :lol:
  14. As far as I recall Cordings' trousers do have belt-loops. However, cords without belt-loops but with French bearer are to be found in Gieves' sale.
  15. VB - Many thanks. Just been to Gieves & Hawkes and got a scarlet pair in the sale. Judging by the few pairs left I think theres been an influx of cavalry. Perhaps I should have bought a fawn pair - plenty left and start a new trend. Or then again perhaps not.