Why do British squaddies have such shyte nicknames?

We had a bloke called Hole in the heid, because he had a hole in his heid.
A**y F*****g was known as metal head, cos of the metal plate in his head.
Did anyone have a token black fella in their squadron? Did he have a nickname?
My training sergeant was South African, there were two types of people he didn't like, Paras and ahem, ethnics. Until we had a lad transfer in from 2 Para who looked like he'd spent a canny six months in somewhere very hot and sunny. ;)


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My Saracen ACV driver of Zero Bravo (briefly) was called HESH. Why? He had the same name as a C Squadron SNCO who, it was said, whilst serving on MBT once had a HESH round dropped on his head and created the precedent for anyone of that name to be called HESH.


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Not Army but my former stepson who was a skinny drink of water came running into the house all smiles & chuffed with himself. We'd recently moved into a new area and he'd gotten to know all the local kids.

Big beaming smile "I've just been given a new nickname!"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"The Gimp"

Oh, his poor dejected expression when I explained what a gimp was. Later on he was known to all & sundry as Wilson for whatever reason. I never understood why, it was a bit like the Son in "Breaking Bad" (another gimp)wanting to be known as Flynn.

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