Why do British squaddies have such shyte nicknames?

Bit challenged in the vocabulary dept, everything was "Doubry ferkin" so he became Big Doub. Up tipped another bloke with the same surname.= Little Doub. Then we get a young orficer = Mr Doub. Continuity.
Then there was Callaghan, instantly became Galloncan.
Tpr Tulip became Threelips, and who could forget Black Bob, the Wonder W*g.
Sawn-off, Stretch, Shit-legs, Drunken Duncan, Waster-face, No-neck, Bluto, Exidor plus the usual suspects. I remember them as young blokes but they are probably as knacked as me or dead.


We had three Woods in my first rifle company, big and little, when the third arrived aged 26 from Consett he was intellectually challenged, he became Woods Stupid.

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