Why do American soldiers go "HOOOO HAAAA"?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Chimpy, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. I've never understood it. What does it mean?
  2. It means they're on their "vinegar" when buried to the hilt in your mum's back eye.
  3. is this when theyre shreddy less? in the shower? i think i can answer your question if so...if not then...sorry, i don't know
  4. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It means that, once again they are going to have to paaaaayyyyaaaaaa for sex.
  5. Well that'll be two things this trolling mong won't understand!
  6. Is this the same imbicele that suggested having left and right handed sections to shoot around corners better.
  7. Its "OohRah!" and they're marines not soldiers.
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Have been told by a few American servicemen, that it originated from the abbreviation HAU, which stood for "Heard And Understood".

    Could be urban legend of course.
  9. :oops: And I thought that that was just the chorus to Radio Goo Goo. :oops:
  10. It is, but Id hardly call him an imbicele - imbiceles are far more advanced than this mong!
  11. D'you mean YYYEEEEEE - HHAAAAA! ?? :D :D :lol: :lol:

    If so, it's the Rebel Yell - and GOK how many of my forebears shrieked it and died under it during the quaintly-named War Between The States (1861-65). See : sunsite.utk.edu/civil-war/warweb.html

    The survivors fathered just enough sons to be slaughered in the Russian unpleasantnesses (1890-1917). :evil:

    And the rest got knobbled in WW1 :evil:

    And WW2 :evil:

    Surprise I'm here at all, really. :?
  12. You intrigued me with this one as I was told once, quick Google reveals this;

    "HOOAH is one of the most widely used military acronyms of all times, and no one can agree on its spelling, origin or even on its meaning for that matter. What exactly does it mean? Heck, is it even an acronym at all?

    I have scoured the Internet, referenced books, and asked military scholars. Only one conclusion has become of my research: There is no known origin for the meaning of hooah; many have opinions but there is no single theory"

    It continues;

    "Personally, when I went through Basic Training, I was taught the acronym HUA stood for I hear you, I understand you, and I acknowledge your statement."

    This is what I was told.

    But then rather oddly states;

    "Urbandictionary.com claims the term hooah was originally used by the British in the late 1800's in Afghanistan; then, more recently adopted by the United States Army to indicate an affirmative or a pleased response."

    What does one think to that?

    No I won't include the links, you can Google can't you?

    Balls beaten to it! :D
  13. Chimpy, you could use the time you spend asking bone questions to practice firing an A2 right handed
  14. Can we nominate for Oxygen thief, or will it just happen.