why do 9th/12th Royal Lancers wear a cloth cap badge?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bunga345, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. Always wondered, no one in the regiment seems to know why!
  2. No idea really, but maybe the lances kept snapping off on metal badges.

    Otherwise it may be so that it does less damage to the Trooper head-butting some poor unfortunate.
  3. Some RLC and Cadet Units wear cloth badges as well, but that's to save money no doubt!
  4. onAny idea on who would know?
  5. the reason i was always given was H&S- metal capbadges are dangerous!
  6. Try the Regtl Museum. A quick google search will bring up the e-mail address or phone number
  7. Bunga,

    Why the burning desire to know the reason?


  8. If this is the QRL your on about ive always wondered why the officers used to fix skull and cross bones on the front of their car bonnets when they first arrived in Traz. :?

    Edited to say I thought they had metal cap badges in though
  9. back in the early 80's I was in the TA and I remember an SPSI from the 9/12 th who definitely had a metal cap badge. Maybe its a recent thing?
  10. We started wearing a cloth cap badge in Norther Ireland mainly to stop having to black up the shiney stay-bright ones which stood out a mile when cammed up, plus they were always getting pinched or lost when on patrol.
  11. I heard they were not taken seriously enough when raised to merit a metal badge.
  12. As a 'Senior Member' you should know better than that Manley - the actual, honest, real truth is: all the girlies kept chasing us and pinching our cap badges as souvenirs to stick on their bed posts!

    So we had to replace them with some new sew-on ones; which were in fact 'hand knitted by a squad of willing virgins from Newcastle' . . . .
  13. I thought that was your Shreddies.

  14. Yeh its been said, we wear it because the Lances kept getting snapped on the metal ones.