why didnt you join up


morning all

anyone else feel gutted they never joined the regs when they were younger free and single, i certainly regret not going in. had all the paper work filled in got my intake date and girlfriend at the time persuaded me otherwise needless to say we are not together anymore. now at 32 i have a family, and the ta is a good compromise.
anyone alse care to share a story


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You still can at 32 :) You have to get in before your 33rd. Unless of course you've gone soft and flabby :)

Now pull a sicky off work and get down the AFCO.
delinquent said:
You still can at 32 :) You have to get in before your 33rd. Unless of course you've gone soft and flabby :)

Now pull a sicky off work and get down the AFCO.
43rd from Monday. It's been done to death on here.


vidal said:
girlfriend at the time persuaded me otherwise
Looked at the comms trades all services (1988), I wanted IT and they were all primarily electronics. I expect the job/trade I wanted to do will become available next year (only 20 years late)


I was advised by my brigadier that, in view of the fact that the vast majority of the artillery regiments were based in Germany (the cold war was in full cry at the time), I would spend most of my time dealing with "civil" problems and supervising maintenance; therefore I would definitely have more fun in the T&AVR :wink: . As an FOO for 10 years subsequent to that advice he was right - much more fun now but "Anno Domini" and a family has filled the gap.


Vidal, if you really regret not being in green full time then why not apply for an S-type or FTRS?

The options are there.


Couldnt stand the thought of a year in sandhurst away from my husband. sad i know but i'm enjoying myself much more as a part time trooper


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At 18 - Stone and a half underweight - given a month to put a stone on.

At 21 - Applied for an 'S' Type - my Corps, trade and rank were 60% undermanned. did all the paperwork, tests etc, Manning and Records had given my unit the nod on the sly pending the paperwork from the ACIO, even down to letting the unit know which unit I would be going to. My paperwork eventually goes off from the ACIO and arrives at MCM Div THE SAME DAY maggie announces the first 'Options for Change' and the subsequent slashes. All recruiting suspended, and subsequently no vacancies.

At 22 - Volunteered for and went to the Gulf. De-mobbing through Brize and going through the desks, got my 'discharge' stamp and two desks further on they asked if I wanted to remain in Service -YES, except that because I'd already had my 'discharge' they wouldn't entertain it.

At 25 - Went to the ACIO to try again and was told I was too old (recruiting age had dropped to 24). Subsequently the age raised a year, every year until it hit 30 or whatever.

At 28 - Volunteered for and went to Bosnia ('96). The army didn't exactly cover itself with glory the way it treated TA/Res admin wise and when asked if I would like to remain in Service, told them to poke it (along with most of the others they asked).

Been too old ever since.


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Wanted to join Navy since childhood mostly due to family background but hated everyone in my URNU (naval OTC equivalent) and got bored with navigating tugboats around Chatham. Quit the service after 2 years of tedium.

Then saw the light aged 25, already committed to a civilian career and up to my eyeballs in debt - joined the local TA and loved it.

Still wish I'd done it 5 years sooner, or joined the Regs.


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Really wouldn't mind having another crack, but I'm 35!

Got specialisms (not window licking) and wonder if I beg . . .


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i'm now 41 years old and ranked Cpl in TA .too late for me to join now and wouldnt like to start over again as Fusilier

many years ago i joined the regulars but family pressure made me decide to leave. my family being Irish and it being the height of the troubles at the time.

i regretted that decision right up until i was sent on my first operational tour in the TA. i have to admit i much prefer my army life compared to my civi one. i just wish i had discovered the TA 10 years earlier and could have realised that much sooner how much i like the army life.

to rejoin at 31 is a far better proposition than when your in your 40's


Tried to join regs while in middle of divorce from 1st Mrs Lumpy. ACIO wanted a signed doc from her stating that she wouldnt apply for a MQ or I couldnt join!

By time divorce was finalised, had re-joined TA and become too old......

May look into it again, if age is truly going up to 43.....


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I'm fortunate I done my stint with the regs and am now in the process of joining the TA - if they have me as I was medically discharged have to get all sorts to rejoin, doctors letters, gym trainers letters etc etc

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