Why did you or your mate join the TA?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. The reasons I can think of are:

    1. Adventure - which is good for the teeth arms and some other parts

    2. To defend our country - good for all arms

    2a. To serve our country - e.g. in Iraq etc

    3. Try before you buy - i.e. see what army is like before you join up - good for all arms

    4. Loved the army (ex regular) - good for all arms

    5. Wanted HAZMAT or HGV license - good for all arms, if we didn't have the new vocational driver stuff

    6. Need extra income - Good for all arms

    Probably some more, but 1 & 2 was our bread and butter but now is 3, 4, 5 & 6 now our prime recruitment demographic especially in the non teeth arms. 1/2 still probably works for some units such as SAS/Inf etc.

    Is pride a big factor? e.g. You maybe 2nd best but your SAS/Para/Inf so who cares or your a nurse/doctor and so not 2nd best.

    Me, I was 1, 2 (2a when I had no family) and 3. As for pride I fit into the nurse/doctor thingy.
  2. Guns and women in uniform.
  3. For me it was 2a. However still havent had the chance!

    Oh...and the man at the ACIO said i got a 'boom stick'!
  4. 7. A cry for help and attention that went sadly unheeded!
  5. 2 and 2a , Also for the challenge and to contribute something to society .
  6. I am a 2 and to echo boney "for the challenge".

    So I can bore all my civi collegues with my stories of derring do from the weekend. Impress the wimmen down the pub as I am in the same Army as "THEM"

    maybe I should change my name to Gareth
  7. Is that a typo? I am sure he mean't a ' Broom stick'
  8. needed a student job, got turned down from tescos. decided to look for more "unorthodox" ways of scraping a part-time living, then, when i thought about the TA: chance to serve on ops, adventure, not your average student job, half decent money (bounty not in :shakefist: ), something to put on my CV

    and another string in the bird pulling bow :thumright:
  9. Ahh, its so clear now...thats why im always sweeping the drill hall :cry:
  10. In 1987 I decided to join the HAC because I wanted use of a good clubhouse in London, and 20 years later am still in the TA!
    Still probably mainly to do something different and challenging and to serve my country.
  11. MMMnnnn Nuff said.. :)
  12. 8. A medical examination lax enough to ignore lower limb injuries encountered during regular service. :wink:
  13. 9. Too many war stories from my grandads was I was a kid, plus 2a
  14. No fackin comment. I aint saying fackin nuffing until I get a brief.

    Which facker grassed me up anyway ?
  15. I joined to get fit and to get the experience to join a particular unit not mentioned much on this forum, but 11 years later I think its too late now but saying that it has been the time of my life, I complain and bitch about the place (as we all do) but I would not change a single thing as its apart of me and my family (apart from enlisting Gwars into my beloved Squadron).
    When I get lads coming through the door saying they want to do this or that I ensure that they get the best opportunity to fulfill their ambitions instead of the recruiting staff I had.
    UNLESS they are of a particular hair colour then I inform them that the TA is disbanding and that he OR she should try the Regulars, (one Army recruiting).