Why did you join

Just a kind of random thought We were having a discussion and the question of why did you join up in the first place?
Now not only just the Army, but why did you join the corp, I know some old gits will say I was forced into it from my former corp, but why did us youngsters join? there must have been a good advertisement or did the guy in the Army careers do a good job at selling, and finally are you happy with the job you were given?
Your thoughts please


Maybe the lack of replies, is highlighting the amount of Walts actually on ARRSE...
So far back I'm fecked if I can pinpoint my motives for joining.
Lets see,
I wanted to be a medic - Recruiter told me there was a two year waiting list for RAMC, sod that, thank god cos first aid made me sleepy

I wanted to be a Marine Engineer and play with boats and stuff - recruiter told me that I could expect to wait for at least 9 months, again no

He told me that if I applied to be a Rad Op in the RLC I would be in in a few weeks, I would be a lance jack within 18 months and all the beautiful women of the world would want me to make love to them in my nice shiny RLC cap badge. I was 17, very stupid and really desperate to be in the Army, I went RLC.

It turned out to be the best thing I ever could have done, I was in within a few weeks. But that's as far as it went, no promotion and definately no hordes of babes. Granted I did leave after only 5 years but most of those 5 years were great, I just had a few problems with certain people in my unit.
I also met some great people who I still keep in touch with some of them now. I also met the only woman in NATO who could make lightweights or combats look sexier than anything else on the planet. Anyone who guesses who I am will probably know who I'm on about.


War Hero
Joined up in 88 wanting to be an infantryman live in a ditch and eat worms. My old man wouldn't sign the papers as I was only 15 at the time as he wanted me to get a 'trade'. Waited til my 16th and got into the RAOC Jnr Ldrs and forced into the RLC in 93. first 10 years were fantastic (on the whole). It's a poor cliche, but it is definately not the Army I joined.
Left school was at a loose end....couple of mates above my year came home on leave.
Went up the Streatham Lacarno dance......them in uniform,me in mufty.The women were all over them...I thought I'll have some of that.

Next day.....there i was Brixton Recruiting Office......demobbed 26 yrs later.
Mid 80's Lancashire was a bleak place for someone who wasn't interested at school and blew their exams. College was equally boring. I got itchy feet and wanted to see a bit of the world, so joined the RCT via Junior Leaders. I did Germany, Belize, GW1, Balkans, 6 months working in Bavaria and most other European countries on adventure training. I left after I did my 12 years after back to back tours and poor promotion prospects go the better of me. The army sorted me out, gave me an education and the motivation to make something of myself after leaving. I do wish I'd got out before the back to back tours though as I then had to hang on till my 12 year point.
For the easy money.
To get a nice shiny badge!
To stag on for the rest of my life like you always do at the bottom ranks of the RLC, oh and not forgetting picking up all the fags butts.
Now I have got my commision I can make all the low lifes do it for me and sit and laugh at them through my office window whilst it is raining
The_Jacobite_General said:
Sammy The Cat said:
Left school, couldn't be bothered to look for a job, joined the army.
Yep. I'm with you. There is something to be said for being institutionalised.
The sad thing it that it is true.

It was all too much effort to go job hunting (although I did have a YTS Interview with British Rail incase the army didn't work out) - didn't want to go to college - so the Junior Leaders Regiment seemed the obvious choice.

And for £10 a week - paid and pay correct Sir - it was probably the shittiest choice I could have made. Nonetheless, I don't regret it as it has all worked out well in the end. Old and crusty now - but still in - and sadly enough still have smiley socks in the drawer.

Would I do the same again though....... would I fook.
Sister's then Boyfriend was in the RCT (1986) gave me all the great tales of Canada, Germany, Cyprus etc, set my sights on JLR, started in Nov 1988, after working for 5 months in McDonalds to fill the time between leaving School and starting training, (sad I know, but the money was good), was gutted with the £10 per week though.

Ooooo the memories of Colerne!!!
I must be a sad basket case but I wanted to join the RAPC (Rape And Pillage Corps). Got to the ACIO and the Sgt said that he'd have to see if I was clever enough. Did the test and he exclaimed: "You could join REME as a Tels Tech. You could be a Sgt in 6 years!". Well suck my stump I thought. :D That sounds good so off I went to Arborfield and basic. At SEE, nights were spent at the local pub drinking and shagging instead of studying so I failed my first career opportunity. :(

"Right young man, what do you want to do now?" asked the SSgt. "Join the RAPC as I wanted to in the first place Staff". "Fuk off, you did some marine engineering, you can join the RCT as an Engineer Cadet. You could be a Sgt in 6 years" he said. Now where had I heard that before? :?

So off I trot to Marchwood I think, (it was 35 years ago after all!). "Sgt in 6 years? LCpl in 16 more like" the Sgt down there said so I returned and again requested the RAPC. Ended up transferring to the RAPC after a year at Bordon learning how to fanny about with engines.

Do they still trot out the "You could be a Sgt in 6 years my son" crap at the local ACIO or whatever they call them nowadays I wonder? :?:
To jump out of planes
and to kill people

i actually did neither (well nearly anyway) jumped out of a perfectly good plane though
School teachers were on strike, walked into the careers office (army) more or less told straight a way "boy soldier or Pioneer Core". Decided on Boy soldier as they said our rooms got cleaned and we had plenty of free time (ah yes free time, to pick up fag butts and move the leaves around camp) oh yes lots and lots of guard duty, followed by trade the next day
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