Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Oakley, Jun 25, 2006.

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  1. Basicly as the topic says on the tin. Why did you join the british army? (might be better suited to NAAFI but thought i would start here)
  2. How else could I earn obscene amounts of money for doing very little with only a slack handfull of GCSE's?
  3. I only went out for a paper and a pint of milk, then woke up in Combats! still haven't got the milk.
  4. I didn't join the British army.

    I joined the Royal Signals :( :(
  5. I found a shilling at the bottom of my pint....

  6. ive been trying to answer that question for 9 months now
  7. I wanted to learn how to spell NAAFI properly
  8. Obscene amounts of money, your kidding right. The pay in the army is shite, obviously didn't get GCSE maths!!
  9. What planet are you on? The pay is NOT as bad as you seem to think. What about the 'perks' that you don't pay for....?

    Free work clothes
    Free Dental treatment
    Free Prescriptions
    Subsidised housing/SLA
    Inexpensive meals (Don't start on about PAYD - that's on a different thread)
    Excellent (non-contributory) pension
    Travel (and not just on Op Tours)
    Discounts with lots of firms ( http://www.forcesdiscounts-mod.co.uk/ )
    Adventurous Training

    and so the list goes on...
  10. Free batteries!
  11. it was a good way to stop my mum beating me up
  12. 'Cos chicks dig hunky guys in uniform....oh and they closed all of the pits where I live.
  13. Thatcher, 3,000,000+ unemployed and no qualifications
  14. You lying sod, Oakley only posted the question at 5.35 on Sunday, so it wasn't even 24 hours!

    I've told millions of people to stop exaggerating.
  15. joined para regt cuz i woz fick and its the only place you get paid for a lil' bit of buggery thuggery theft and rape !!!!!