Why did you join the UOTC?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by barbs, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. To get laid

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  2. To drink cheap beer

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  3. To prepare for TA Commission

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  4. To prepare for Reg Commission

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  5. No reason

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  1. Why did you join the UOTC?
  2. Wish i hadn't it was a waste of time and taught me very little. On the plus side the beer was cheap, but it was full of ridiculously keen army people who were never going to join for real and so went massively out of their way to be uber warry for a weekend.
  3. Cheap drink, good mates, loads of sports, some good warrie stuff and women to die for! Obviously there were quite a few hippacrocapigs but some of the birds at the recruiting stand when I was a fresher.. Still think about them now on EX in the wanking maggot.
  4. Because it had the only Pipe Band at the University, and I wanted to keep playing the bagpipes.

    Granted, I'd been a pad rat, and gone to an ...interesting... educational establishment ("For the sons of Scottish Soldiers, Sailors, and Airmen"), so the military side held no apprehension.

    As time went on, I was doing progressively less Piping and more green stuff, until I went for a TA commission (three of us from the Pipe Band that year; two to line infantry, one to TA Para Reg).

    For those who might, err, knock Pipe Bands - or "interesting" Forces schools - I know of two regular Lt.Cols (one REME, one Inf) who did more or less the same thing.....one of whom was in the AUOTC Pipe Band that won the World Championships in their grade.
  5. beer, bullets and babes....

    one out of 3 aint bad...
  6. Meeting people, cheap booze, ski trips, sports, a hell of a lot better than working in some shitty bar! Plus i get paid to have fun with my mates - cant ask for more than that!
  7. All things green.
  8. dont forget the big red buttons....must press them!
  9. Beer, rugby, skiing and to shed a little light on what I had decided to do with my life. Not many chicks in Wales Army Club
  10. joined to meet different people, get out and do some phys, beer and get paid intothe bargain!
  11. Meeting people, the training, the promise of amazing holidays (AT). That nice feeling of not having totally wasted a weekend even though i'm muddy and tired.

    Can't say anything for the girls who were recruiting when I joined up but some of the ones we've got now are great.

    Oh and getting paid is nice too.

    Now where did I put my income tax claim forms...
  12. At 0300 in the snow, I sort of wonder myself.

    It boils down to finding some good mates, cheap booze, fit lassies who will **** yoooooo hard (allegedly... I have yet to find out) and the feeling of acomplishment you get when you know you have done something that none of your slacker uni mates have, even if they can never understand why you do it.

    Also because 95s go with my eyes. :roll:
  13. Cash. Also moolah, dough, lolly, spondulicks, loot, filthy lucre and bread. Did I mention cash?
  14. Well at the time it was preparing for Reg Commission - but subsidised beer, flirtatious women and drinking games were all bonuses.

    Early morning drunken staggers, tabbing in pissing rain, being shouted at - hurrraaaahhh! ...... what more could a body ask for.......

    As it turned out changed from the Reg path - but did contnue with TA commission - and all those hours of practice propping up the bar stood me in good stead.

  15. They had low standards, so I instantly felt at home.