Why did you join the RLC????

Discussion in 'RLC' started by ABF9, May 12, 2006.

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  1. No offence to anyone but why would you want to join the RLC????????????????????
  2. To stop it coming apart ?
  3. I didn't...I joined the RAOC...
  4. Why is an airborne wedgehead asking this question?
    You strange little man!

    I joined because I did not want to be a brickie in CRE, or spend 22 years at Marchwood as a shipwright. (If Id known then....)

  5. I joined the RAOC as well!
  6. I joined the rlc because they wouldent let me join the infantry.
  7. becuase the army made me when they got rid of my old mob
  8. I joined the RCT and i've rather put kit in the back of my truck than carry it! Stag on monkey boy.
  9. I understand that most modern recruits into the RLC are either from Commonwealth Countries, Recruits that failed to achieve their first choice or those who wanted to be chefs but failed their "first star" test at McDonalds!
  10. Some people join the RLC as they want a trade as well as being a soldier.Also they dont want to stag on at NCP carparks when they leave the Army.
  11. i was infantry and
    doing SCBC don't give me civvy quals
    i was then a RLC pioneer and they are limited in postings
    (bicester , bicester or JHQ)
    now a postie and i can literally pick a number and serve there
  12. When I joined the two closest units were RLC and Mounted Cav. I went to visit the RLC unit and was made very welcome. There was a lack of officers at the unit and as I was a 34 ex-reg who had done the bashing around in clanks bit, felt I could better contribute in the RLC. I got loads of stick on my officers course, but I could out tab every one of them, and my fieldcraft was ten times better. :lol:
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I didn't, I was assimilated into it.
  14. Resistance is futile...
  15. Trade?? If you wanted a trade that stood you in good stead in civvie street you would have joined Gods Corps being Royal Engineers!!