Why Did You Get Extra's ?

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gunny Highway, Jan 16, 2003.

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  1. This conversation came up on the Sgts & WO thread, so I thought I'd start one here, seeing as hundreds used to fly around the Corps.  

    My first lot were in basic, when a certain training Cpl, Den T*****n, used to dish them out through the day, and then last thing at night, he'd go around the section, and one extra = one punch to the stomach (ouch).   I averaged around 4, but some of the others averaged around 10 !!  

    Next in Berlin, I was duty driver and supposed to drop some Rems off at the train station early one morning, only I was still in bed when SSM Marty W***** kicked the bedroom door open and screamed something unprintable about why I wasn't driving said people to the train station !!  I was given..... 30 extra duty drivers to be taken in one go.  This involved no drinking, picking up and dropping off pads, mail run, comcen run (every night between midnight and 5am), REME lackey, SSM lackey, groundcrew lackey, etc, etc. Can still remember the night I finished.  I was too knacked to get pisssed.  

    I got loads more through my 13 years, but has anyone any funny one's as to why they were awarded them, or sad one's?
  2. Got day on/Day off duty driver for 2 weeks!

    I didnt weed the Sqn car park as a certain WO2 Mick Ju***an had told me to do so!

    This was duly followed by 7 days ROP's after failing to do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That man was very '****'!

  3. Fester you bozo, I seem to remember that you had more time off than Rip van Winkels bedside light.  Jeez I think you actually got more sleep than Rip van H####th.  If you had any time to do extras it must have consisted of "show bed space correctly arranged in shit order". 8)
  4. Wow if you type s##t then nuts comes up!
  5. I (nievely) phoned the guard room to get the duty driver to come and pick me up from a railway station one day when the RSM came in to demand who had nabbed his Rover and driver. After a quick word in the COs ear I spent 3 weeks on extras.
  6. Wow, would have been cheaper to get a taxi !!  Nasty razzman !!
  7. I got 7 extra's for stopping on a CFT to take a leak.......I certainly learnt my lesson ;D
  8. Wow, would have been cheaper to do it in your lightweights.
  9. I got 5 extras from Blobby for showing him my plums whilst on the gate at westdown camp

    Thankfully the useless clown forgot..................then the 'smallest man to hold a warrantecott' reminded him  :(

    The same SSM asked me stop displaying my genitals to the female air troopers or he would inform the RMP

    On my leaving drinks I had great pleasure in dipping my plums in his pint ;D
  10. 'smallest man to hold a warrantecott' gave me two extras for not addressing him by his rank, then had the feeking cheek to call me by my first name that weekend in the bar down town.  Midget.  

    I won't ask why you flashed Blobby.  He probably hadn't seen his plums for years anyway.
  11. The reason he was flashed was because I had a reputation for always having them out, I saw him climbing into his rover about 300m up the road so whipped em out and pulled my smock back down over them, as he grew closer he leaned out of the window and said, ah i see you don't have your plums out this time Cpl L......!

    Sorry to disappoint sir, and lifted my smock ;D

    In fairness to the small man, I met him again at Sids funeral, and he was the first to admit that at times he played the game wrongly, he joined as a Junior and only knew the army, he soared throught he ranks very quickly and was in the mess with alot to prove. To his credit he was a very accomplished signaller however a very poor drinker. I had left by the time he finished his job as SSM, I was still in touch with a number of the chaps who sang his praises, and had turned the corner from nob Street and was now a good egg who the lads defended.
  12. Whilst in Soest a certain Sigs Sgt, gaunt looking bloke with a first name beginning with a T didnt think my beret was blue enough for his liking. When trying to tell him I couldn't get down to the bottom camp to exchange it he decided to go off on one! OH how i miss sitting in the airfield guard room on a weekend waiting for cars to drive up to the gate, and then for them to stick their indicator on and go round to the flying club!  :D
  13. i know wot u mean about that gladiator real pain the boxhead flying club and the rats were bigger than the mso dogs cvant decide which were more scary !!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i got extra AMP dutys for drivin a panzer round soest airfield with a dummy in the cupola cos i thought crutch was in the top but he ad stitched me up

    and then proceeded to get extras off the RMP for gettin caught on the pop in the beer garden on duty with my chick in lippstadt while mongy my partner was out side waitin for us ...........

    the list is long and endless