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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by gaijin, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. I see a lot of people on here who are looking for info about various regiments/corps or jobs. I also see a lot of advice that guides them in other directions.
    I chose my (TA) outfit because it was a) local b) interesting and c) because I had friends already serving there.
    Why did you choose your regiment/corps and was where you ended up what you had originally thought that you wanted to do?

    This is a question for both TA and regular but I wasn't sure where else to post it.
  2. family history in my regt,

    friends there

    fosters £1 a can, Shorts £1 a shot
  3. Sixty

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    [joke] Combat and Combat Support arms sounded dangerous. Blanket stacking less so. [/joke]
  4. my ssm at bovy told me I could fly helos if i joined the lancers,funny enough i spent 7 years flying
  5. It was closest to my house. But I'm glad I did choose this one over the other one now.
  6. The information leaflet that I was given at the careers office, showed some bloke with a can of coke hanging out of his kidney pouch! I just couldn't resist that level of professionalism! I suppose there was some thought about gaining suitable qualifications for when I got out, but this really was secondary.
  7. My mate was paid £5 for every potential recruit he brought along to the open night, plus it was free drinks for those who turned up. My mate got his fiver and I had a good few beers, I guess I must have signed on at some point too, even though it was 30 miles away!
  8. it was the closest unit to where i lived..
  9. Nearest TA to where I lived that would accept an "Older recruit"
  10. Local Inf Bn had shit rep & shit role so no brainer really joined the one umpty miles away
  11. Hi to all

    I got put on a job with my brother painting the TAC that i joined not too long after.

  12. I am very limited to what Is on offer for me so did not really have a choice, If there where other units open to me I would move, but I would rather serve there then not serve at all
  13. I joined because I hate Danish tour guides, and have my own shovel.
  14. Joined the local one cos too lazy to drive to Glasgow...still there,still having fun,still drinking far too much, :)
  15. Joined RLC unit as it was my former cap badge and got my class 1 and ADR ticket off them which was nice as it got me agency work after I was laid off last year keeping the wolves from the door 8)