Why did we move into Bruggen and move out shortly after?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sortedgeezer, Sep 16, 2007.

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  1. So this is the story, we move into bruggen, 7 Sig from Krefeld, 16 Sigs from JHQ and 628 from St tonis. Why is all this money STILL being wasted renovation when they know they are moving out (Germans will leave the place to rot like Old RAF Laarbruck). What ever happened to bring it back for the garrison, or surely that money wasted for an officers mess renovation could buy a landrover for tour so to speak.
  2. When is Jav barracks gonna fall through its hoop then?
  3. Have I missed something here? 7 & 16 are moving again? Where to?

  4. How about Diego Garcia?
  5. yes its true there is a possibility that they will all move back to the UK, However this is not likely to happen before 2012,

    So if money wasn't spent on the upkeep of Jav Bks who would be moaning then!!!!
  6. That's what I thought was happening. Thanks Jimmy

  7. This has been happening for years.

    7 move from Herford to Krefeld, 16 from Krefeld to JHQ.

    Both then move to Bruggen.

    Beetween 2009 and 2014 HQ ARRC, 1 Sig Bde and 102 Log Bde will move back to UK (Innsworth and Cosford).

    How much money has been wasted in the past 13 years?

    People in the big offices really know how to fcuk things up :evil:
  8. yeah i just read it in the local Viersen Newspaper, poor germans are gonna cry when they lose approx 5000 customers in Monchengladbach. So JHQ is moving to Gloustershire and 102 is moving to UK in approx 2009-2014 (But have just built more Z-type) . We all dont get Osprey body armour on tour, However these planning cells couldn't arrange a piss up in a Brewery, not forgetting removing Germany postings from the lads.
  9. Standing by for a posting from Outstanding..........
  10. :D
  11. Shurely (sic) there be room down in Blandford come 2012, after all. don't want to waste a museum do we?
  12. Rumour is 16 or 14 will be going there.
  13. Probably just a little less than has been saved by moving out of Krefeld and St Tonis.

    By the way, I think Outstanding is still out on the exercise area but you really should stop baiting the fücker.
  14. Because, as you you will get told evertime you ask this question. It all comes from different budgets.

    Plus the cost of moving is probably lower than the cost of paying LOA for however many years. Although i woudnt expect it any time soon.
  15. That and it puts off the renovation to Z type accommodation Bruggen was next on the list.