Why Did We Join The Army?

Why Did We Join The Army?

  • DPM brings out the blue in your eyes

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  • The Army careers advisor clubbed you over the head and dragged you into the back office

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  • The RAF advisor had nipped out to Mc Donalds

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  • The RN advisor stroked your leg as he tried to sign you up

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  • You thought that Sennybridge mud would be good for your skin

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  • You liked the idea of working with children (for those at an R. Sigs Unit)

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  • You weighed under 14 stones so the RAF was not an option

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  • I'm a soldier? Since when? I wondered why they keep shouting at me...?

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With an subject heading like this i feel that i should explain myself..........

I am interested in our individual reasons for choosing the Army rather than the RN, RM or RAF.

I've listed a few in the poll but if you want to share you reason for choosing the Army feel free to post below........................
Easy the RAF wouldnt have me and I get seasick
Bellbottoms stopped me going to the Navy, and the seasickness.
Who bloody well joined, I was dragged into the army kicking and screaming, who the hell wanted to go to war for a £1.00 a week.
I joined the Army because I'm a fourth generation Squaddie (true) and i'm truly honoured to wear the uniform of this great nation of ours against all evils.... oh and when i left school, that Tw@t Thatcher was in the process of shutting down all the fookin Pits..had me name down since I was 14 aswell - B*tch!
Joined the Navy where one worked 7 days a week on ship on a 2 year commisssion with a year of that away and limited leave. After 2 commissions I was posted to an Army unit where, unless one was on exercise or ops, it was a 4 and half day week with every Wednesday sports afternoon, every night if one wished on the town, every weekend off. [If your wondering about guards or duties, I think I only ever did half a dozen as an OR over many years. Even in the Far East/Middle East/Near East it was tropical routine [7.30 'till 1] and a doddle. Agreed that that was in the '50's/60's when generally life was a lot easier but needless to say I knew which side my bread was buttered on and never went back to the RN.
I came from a military family. Since I was 8 I wanted the army and nothing else. I didn't even know that there were other jobs. I thought everybody joined the army then went on to do whatever.

Ho hum.
17 years on and I'm still asking myself that question.


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Just 'cos.

Is there any other reason? I doubt it.
Military family, Cadets, Commando War comics, John Wayne, I'm a pillock...
I am as thick as mince me and was too dense to go to college or indeed take any further education so it was either this, or get a job working as a council officer or a journalist.
I chose the Army as I have a violent temperament and love to hurt things. I also have a pre-disposition for being told what to do as I cant think for myself.

Does that fit your template?......................its what a lot of civvies think.
Well obviously for me, there was the whole uniform thing and what with my low self esteem and small genitalia, what else was there?
I did 5and a half years due to 7 generations before me giving there service, if Iran kicks off I will sign back on
Because I got to shoot many many different bangsticks and fire f*cking 1000's & 1000's of rds at so many different things AND I got paid....I'd have done the Army for free.....get some get some
I was frog marched down the ACIO by my dad as I was a right little * at 15. At 16 & a junior soldier I was still a right little * but I was being paid to be one & I was enjoying it !!!!!!!!!!

Regards LT.
I joined to be highly paid, have lots of time off, wear a smart fanny-pulling uniform, visit lots of different countries so everytime i went on leave I had a sun tan, meet excellent senior ranks and officers, not pay any tax, live in free accommodation, not get shot at, buy duty free TV's, cars and luxury items, meet a wealthy sexy woman, be respected by my civvie peers..............oh, sorry, thought this was 'what did you dream about the army before you joined'. Forget all the previous entries.
Because I was fed up with working for a living.
To expand on my sadly inadquate knowledge of STDs.
To leave the army.

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