Why did we give people the vote!

Does Arsse speak for the soldier?

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Why did we fight to give people the vote? The fight for democracy is a noble aim, which is ungratefully thrown back at us by voter apathy!

This is the latest example of apathy:


Whether you agree with this legislation or not (I can see both sides - emergency powers balanced against freedom/liberty), you will note that the current government with their majority (the result of apathy) have forced through another ill-conceived entry to the statute book (foxhunting anyone?).

They are allowed to get away with this because it appears nobody cares! HM Forces have long made sacrifices on behalf of the nation; was it really worth it?

The soldiers facing a court martial verdict in Germany, their actions, right or wrong were a result of us attempting to protect democracy..

I am not suggesting we give up the fenceline just yet, but everyone needs to take an interest in politics and stand up and be counted with their vote. I don't care about your political leanings, the point is; what we have now is apathy, not politics...

If you vote, at least the politicians are held accountable for their actions. If you do not take an interest, they will do as they wish with impunity!

This is a post where we try to fight for accurate reporting:

Please do not abuse me for fun in the poll, this is serious.....
Dont the Lords have to approve this bill before it becomes law ?

Hopefully they will show some common sense and sack it.


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hellfyyr said:
The soldiers facing a court martial verdict in Germany, their actions, right or wrong were a result of us attempting to protect democracy..
I thought you were on to something until this comment, but that is for another thread. You have a point though, unfortunately politics is staggeringly dull and so it is difficult to maintain an interest - fortunatly arrse and other organisations can bring the potentially interesting stuff to the fore. Only then it is usually dull and biased.
my point is that we are there because it is considered "protecting democracy"...

apathy is pretty poor payment for such a thing!


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Problem with your Poll is - Arrse is spot on (most of the time). Arrse is a voice in the wilderness. I don't know if you are a Muppet or not. So How the hell do I make choice?

I think you may have neatly captured the problem of voter appathy. I'm not apethetic, but in the ciming election who the hell do I vote for?

New Labour would rather climb a tree to spin, than stay on the ground and tell the truth. I despise them and almost everything about them but...

Howard and his shower. As an opposition they are useless, can you really see them as a Government.

So what do I vote for: Idon't really want Howard and co to form the next Government and I'm certainly not going to vote for 'our Tone'.

What worries me is if Howard got in he would make such a cluster of it that it would inevitably lead to another socialist government 4 to 5 years down the line - and who knows what would crawl to the top of the socialist manure heap in the wake of an election defeat this time.

So the solution. New Labour back in in 2005 Tory party sort itself out. (Bring back Haig) Tories back in in 2009 for a good long stay. The problem is its a crap solution and I don't want to vote for it.

Another option I suppose is a protest vote: a "plague on both your houses". But again who to put that protest vote on, are there any credible candidates? Perhaps I should stand myself. So I'm not apathetic, but I probably won't vote, but its an informed choice.

I do see your point about who you should cast your vote for, they are all pretty shite I agree! You should also note my poll was meant to be pretty out there for that very reason!

I don't voluntarily wear "kick me" signs (the muppet angle), I did so this time to demonstrate my point.

I will not give political advice in relation to who you should vote for. I personally intend to not vote Labour, as they do not allow themselves to be held to account, ever. I simply want people to fight apathy and vote, even if it is The Green Party (well, things are not quite that desperate, but you get my point)...

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