Why did they replace the slr?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by weaverboi1, Aug 17, 2012.

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  1. My dad is an ex para and he is always going on about the old days and how the slr could stop anything amd how the sa80 is inferior to it, yet when i ask him why they replaced it, he hasnt got an answer so why did they replace it with the sa80?
  2. Bullpup design is very compact in comparison to the 'bang stick.'

    Carry more ammo as 5.56mm being considerable lighter.

    Fully automatic capability.

    To name but a few obvious reasons I can guess.
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  3. Poor effort.
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  4. Bollocks! Have I been had...again?
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  5. Same as the replaced the the musket with the rifle 303 with the SLR more modern weapon put it in context with mobile phones the first ones were huge and heavy
  6. Because the modern soldier is a big jessie and would be scared to handle such a man sized gun.
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  7. Because killing people is no longer politically correct, 5.56 is designed to just sting 'n make them cry. This is more effective at removing enemy combatants from the battlefield as it takes an extra 2 baddies to administer the group hug.
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  8. Because they realised that if we had 'em then the other side would need 'em and the universe just couldn't handle that much awesome.
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  9. caus we needed to giv 'em to de west side boyz caus dey is nails mon.
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  10. Because it was getting as old and worn out as half the membership of this site.
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  11. If Chuck Norris has an SLR in the Expendables2 there is a good chance i will have a sex wee in my pants
  12. Sorry mate, you'll have to save it for the school gates in September.

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  13. Its ok , i still have a lazy lob on for Chuck!!
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  14. In all seriousness, once L/Cpl Smith RE shot down the last death star with his SLR there wasn't really much need for the Army to have them anymore.
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  15. They were binned and replaces with the SA80 for one simple reason...

    To give the old farts on this site something to moan about.
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