Why Did They Replace Condensed Milk in Tubes?


I thought that since we have done the SLR/SA80 to death, the old farts could discuss the halcyon days of 1970s 24hr Ration packs.......
I don't care, I thought it was wonderful. Nearly as good as the small tins of smoked cheese. How chaps manage today without I can't imagine.


Oi. Seasoned cold war veterans with the bestest rations any squaddie ever scoffed,if you don't mind. We've got medals and evryfing. Now, will I have to leave my bacon grill and cheese possessed, to have another word?
The condensed milk in tubes was included so that you could plug the holes in the white biscuits, which prevented the runny jam in the other tube from leaking through onto the slidex folder that one used as a plate....
You know those 10 man rat packs (or 4 man), did anyone manage to get the two babies heads out of the tin without trashing one, or both?


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I miss the tins of Apricot Pudding. Sheer, sheer bliss.

Even without custard.

But you can stick tins of Chicken Supreme where the sun doesn't shine. Vile beyond words.
Does anyone remember the chocolate that was called emergency chocolate or something? It was pure cocoa and was supposed to be rendered down into a drink, **** it was impossible to eat. but I did like the tin which held 4or5 bars of tiffin and the space left in the tin had hard boiled sweets, I liked the green ones me.


Why did they change the compo? Well in about 1980 or 81 there were a whole load of changes made, many were cash led such as ditching kit that wasnt used such as flasher macs, 2nd pair of barrack dress trousers etc and also rationalising the compo from 6 menus to 4 menus. This allowed them to bring them up to date which is accountancy speak for doing away with the nice bits. Sadly we still managed to get years worth of dodgy chocolate bars where the sugar was leaching out put in still.
The sundries pack was updated in the main.
I do seem to recall the older lads talking about having never had compo in the UK in 24 hr packs, all cooking being section level at the lowest then the A to F menus arrived (sometime mid 1960's) and it was great for a few years.
When I left the regs and joined the TA it was the same but in reverse, Woody and Hippy will confirm, we had almost always centralised cooking on company exercises and if you wanted to survive you brought along your own scoff. Scabby Jack and the CQMS reputedly owning a sweet shop in Hastings which is why we never got the tinned C&S ever!


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oatmeal blocks still there, the spangles are fruit sweets and just as bad.

the aussies still issue tubes of milk and we are sticking some of their kit in the new op packs, mind you the health nazis would complain. I didnt mind the dried milk even if it did need premixing you could do more with it than the nondairy shite like make a decent forage crumble.

what about trying to fry bacon grill in its tin only to find the coating all over it. a pwo medic taught me how to use a smoke grenade tin as a pressure cooker to save on washing up and toxic water. worked a treat :)

dried apple and apricot flakes were my favorite. with or without rolled oats mix.

when we first got the boily meals with bacon n beans and primula cheese it was heaven.
The real gem in the rat pack was the tin of sweeties and chocs in the 10 man rat pack. If you got that you also had the tin opener so every one else was stuffed!
I loved the apple flakes.


fruit flakes, a cynical health attack on compo. I remember them sneaking in and after the first job being skipped every time I found them. For some reason in NI we got loads of Artic compo which would only get eaten after a night in the plastic pub!
No sir, the real rot set in when they took fags out of the rat packs and made you buy your own!
I can't remember how many times I did gas drills with a packet of Malboro stuck in my respirator
In case you missed it last time.

Have a look at this page and head to the bottom of the photos for Compo heaven:

Berlin Infantry Brigade
One of the later versions, I see. The earlier version was better as it contained a tube of margarine, allowing you to fry your "acquired" egg.

4(T) said:
The condensed milk in tubes was included so that you could plug the holes in the white biscuits, which prevented the runny jam in the other tube from leaking through onto the slidex folder that one used as a plate....
Did you ever make the mistake of trying to whiten your tea with the margarine?

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