Why did the RLC drop the A for Army in 1993?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TomNewman, Aug 31, 2011.

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  1. I've asked a few times on various forums, but nobody seems to know why the new amalgamated Corps dropped the word Army from it's title.
    All three previous Corps had Army in their title, except the RCT, but their roots were the RASC (A again)
    There are so many civilian logistical companys that RLC could be assumed to be one of them - Eddie Stobart for instance.
    In my time, when we went to support the RAOC the chant used to be 'Royal Army Ordnance Corps. We were proud to be in the Army. The chant for RLC or Royal Logistic Corps does not carry that same passion.
  2. You're not entirely correct.

    P&C element of the RE.

    You answered your own question with regards to the RCT.

    Trogs preside over the Corps, other trades play second fiddle to the glorious drivers.
  3. It was bought in to save on typing ink on the old type writers. Removing the "A" from all the paperwork you clerks make saved the Army £4697.31 over the years.
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  4. They dropped it because, perhaps - as part of the Army - it seemed somewhat superfluous and no other Corps or Regiment felt the need to include the word in their name (except for the AAC, who it could be claimed have a slight need for it to differentiate them from the RAF, etc)?

    Otherwise we'd have the Princess of Wales Royal Army Regiment, the Army Parachute Regiment, the Royal Army Artillery, the Royal Army Tank Regiment, the Royal Military Army Police, et al...

    Oh, wait - I've just remembered that SAS stands for Super Army Soldiers. Damn.
  5. In my time the RAOC were the big Corps with a glorious history, possibly bigger than all other amalgamated Corps/elements added together.
    I suppose the amalgamation sadly happened at a time of enlightenment rather than a time of tradition.
    Also members of the RCT were just known as taxi drivers!
  6. We still have the Royal Army Medical Corps, Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps, Royal army Dental Corps, Corps of Army Music, Royal Army Chaplains Department, and of course Royal Army Physical Training Corps.
    Ohh hold on, they'll all be fairly old then, unlike the ever changing RLC/RCT/ACC/RASC/RAOC etc
  7. I seem to recall that the Rag and Oil Company also had the oldest and most senior non-commissioned appointment in the Army as well - Conductor - and lets keep up the argument it was even a more ancient and senior appointment than Academy Sergeant Major at the RMC Sandhurst, and anyway ASM was alway a REME appointment for Artificer Sergeant Major........
  8. Many Corps are afforded the title Royal after they have been in existence for some time. Without the designation Army they would have been almost indistinguishable from other services.
  9. But by adding an A to many of these Corps would simply transfer them to the Antipodes as they woulld become "Australian"
  10. Your not far wrong there,the ACC hierarchy at the time sold the corps out believing they would get top of the tree jobs with the formation of the RLC.How wrong they were.
  11. Not to mention the savings in compensation for RSI of the left little finger...
  12. That is possibly the worst chant I have ever heard.
  13. A is for ******** all covered in shit, hey ho said Rolly......
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    Who they then?
  15. I thought you kept that to differentiate between them and Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service.