Why did the princes not wear swords at the wedding?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by IMAGEDUDE, May 4, 2011.

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  1. Is there any particular reason why some of the royals wore swords but William and Harry didn't?
  2. 'Elf and safety?
  3. They did, their swords were hidden in the bride and maid of honour respectively.... oh you mean their actual ceremonial swords ermm don't have a clue.
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  4. who.gives.a.shit.
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Interesting that some of the crowd did. I did at mine.

    Maybe because Liz made little Billy Colonel-in-chief of the Irish Guards right before the do, they didn't have time to get Wilkinson's to rattle him off a brand new sword. In my case, the RSM said, "We haven't got two identical swords that you can borrow and if you are getting married in MY regiment's Peace Time Uniform, you and the best man WILL wear identical cavalry sabres. I have spoken to the QM of the QOH: drive across to Detmold and collect. Return when you get back."

    Can you imagine Billy being watched by 2 billion viewers and all the crusty old guards having heart attacks because, "he's wearing a BLIDDY SCOTS Guards sword! Where's the keys to the outrage bus?"
  6. Because shotguns would have been too obvious.
  7. Perhaps they had the option? If you had the option, why would you say "ok"? They're a nause to carry, and get in the way. Especially when walking down stairs.
  8. He's on about swords Smudge, not kebabs.
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  9. I don't know why Wills didn't but Harry said it would clatter against his Hitler Youth knife so left his at home.
  10. Maybe they weren't expecting any trouble.
  11. Defence cuts!
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  12. He's not allowed to play with sharp things?
  13. cos they were getting in and out of carriages and cars.....cumbersome things them swords.
  14. I imagine that as a member of the royal family and as colonel in chief of a regiment, one would enjoy a certain degree of freedom with regard to dress formalities, that being the case, Wills and Harry probably decided that they would rather not limp up the aisle with 3 feet of steel strapped to their sides, especially whilst being scrutinised by about 2 billion people.

    After all, modern dress swords are based upon the ones which were designed in the vast majority of cases to be wielded from horseback, making them somewhat clumsy and ungainly when on foot.
  15. They were urgently needed in Afghanistan? The swords that is....