Why did the denied officer entry topic get destroyed

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by D-Runner, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. was getting good aswell ?????????????????????????
  2. have an HNC in social sciences i have enough ucas points to get into university. When i went down to the career office with qualifications they only printed my standard grades for my file, they would have aswell said my HNC is not worth a * so why are people getting into officers positions with ucas points.
    I wouldn't pass the aptitude tests to be an officer anyways im s*** at English and maths, when i was at collage the staff where giving us the answers, sometimes i was going into do a test and the teacher made it open book lol.
    Its worrying to think people are getting into Sandhurst on the strengh of a collage course.
    I think more ranks should get made officers experiance goes a long way whats the point in a 18 year old giving a 30 yr old sergeant orders its a * joke really. If you watched road warriors you could see the young lieutenant from force protection was out his depth, im joining RLC and never got a feeling of comfort after with the performance of the leadership in this program.
    You do need Educated people in there aswell for paper work etc i think they should be selected from university only .

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  3. Attention seeking tool.
  4. DarkNinja:
    "im joining RLC and never got a feeling of comfort after with the performance of the leadership in this program.

    Thats because you are a tw@t of the highest order!"

    Im not really, thats the thing im stating my opinions what this site is about now if you go in the Road warriors site then you will see lots of serving soldiers have said the same thing.

    I dont want paperwork anyway, what i do want is to know that the people making decisions which will affect my life are experianced soldiers and not a bunch of tools .

    im not getting into a school boy internet arguement with a cadet so * off
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    Comes in handy for cam :twisted:
  6. I never started the original topic left a couple of comments then it got deleted
  7. Nobber

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  8. Did he get is mis-education at art collage? 8O
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    As you aren't in, aren't going to be getting in and show absolutely no aptitude to the service life or requirement, you won't mind if I ignore your fcukwit advice and opinion.......

    Spanner :lol:
  10. What he said (again)