Why did Percival loose so badly in WW2 ?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Dune Raider, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. One argument is the Japanese had tanks and planes,, he did not.
    Was his leadership as bad as it looks?
  2. Yes,sadly, The Japs highly motivated, well trained, battle hardened having spent years slaughtering the chinks. The British commonwealth forces the opposite. Most of the best leadership were in N Africa. Uk was struggling to keep its head above water and the only forces availiable were mostly untrained recruits from the Indian sub continent or Australia, too late better equipped UK troops and aircraft were sent to far east.
    Once the Japs overran the airfields in N Malaya and bypassed defensive blocks on the roads to Singapore Percival and his staff seemed hopeless to retake the initative. Also the British were convinced the Jap was no soldier and therfore no threat.
    However if the men had been motivated, well lead, and possibly knowing what being a prisoner of the Jap would be like I'm sure we could have held them off and given them a "bloody nose" until and if the Navy could have reinforced them.

    Jap tanks and other weapons and equitment were no better than what the UK forces had, it was just the way and determination they were used.
    Even the 2 pounder anti tank gun could and did stop their armour.
  3. Search for "Singapore" in the military history form: there are about 50+ pages of discussion about this....