Why did nobody stop Gordon Brown?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Sep 4, 2011.

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  1. So Alastair Darling has finally taken the revenge he has waited so patiently for.

    And yet again statements of the bleeding obvious arises, e.g. The Independent

    ".....we have to look back and conclude that his behaviour should have ruled him out of high office."

    "The portrait of Gordon Brown that emerges from the memoirs and diaries is so bad that it can't all be his fault."

    John Rentoul: Why did nobody stop Gordon Brown? - John Rentoul, Commentators - The Independent

    Well I never. What a surprise.

    No it was not all his fault. Gordon Brown was utterly bonkers, wholly unfit for any public office whatsoever.

    He just got himself to the top of a vast pyramid of craven self interested shits also unfit for public office (aka the Labour Party.)
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  2. "He just got himself to the top of a vast pyramid of craven self interested shits also unfit for public office (aka the Labour Party.) "

    You've answered your own question there, old chap.
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  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Because they were a bunch of weak lilly livered twats who were more concerned about their own skins than anything going on around them.
    Much the same as the fuckwit who stated that Tony told us we were going into Iraq and anyone who disagreed got shouted down.
    Gordon Brown a madman why worry about that when you can claim £100 for a 5p Bic Biro.
    "Gordon I think your mad"
    "I've claimed for a light bulb and Sky Sports have you"
    "No mein Fu.. excuse me PM I'll do it now well played sir"

    No good coming out now in books stating he was mad as if that was a reasonable excuse.
    Sorry your losing your jobs and houses but if you pay me £29.99 I'll tell you why it happened.
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  4. Mainly because Blair was/is just as bad. The whole Labour leadership was/is corrupt and always has been.
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  5. They were scared of him.

    Like the story (prob. a myth) about Kruschev denouncing the excesses of Stalin to the Supreme Soviet, when someone shouted the same question from the audience. K leaps up, raking the auditorium with machine-gun eyes, and shouts "Which one of you ***** said that?" or similar. Deafening sound from a pin dropping, cue mass outbreak of brown trousers in the audience. K repeats his question a couple of times, rolling eyes like a loon. Still silence.

    "Now you know why" says K, and sits down again.
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  6. Stopping Gordon Brown would have been the normal moral and socially responsible action. Unfortunately morality and social reponsibility didn't enter into it.

    UK PLC was a trainwreck; I suspect that a lot of Labour politicians were clinging on tightly, too paralysed, cowardly and indecisive to either jump or throw on the brakes. The ******* will probably be back in power in 4 years time.
  7. Because in the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is.... oh, hang on a minute...
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  8. Probably for the same reasons that nobody stopped Hitler, or Stalin, or Saddam, or Gaddafi, or Clare Short ..............
  9. Fair enough. I'm a bit of a leftie myself being from a town on the Lancashire coal seam and growing up in Thatchers Britain.
    I recently pointed out to several of my leftie mates that Thatcher and her like may indeed have been ruthless to heavy industry trades unions and have been prepared to have high unemployment.
    But what she didn't do was start wars with questionable legalities and be responsible for the deaths of 1000's of people and that has to be taken into account.
    Thatcher never tried to get me killed.
    I'll not be voting Labour for the foreseeable, Mind you, I'll not be voting for that Etonian twat either.
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  10. Why do you think car crash tv is so popular. Everybody wanted to watch this man disintegrate in public without stopping to think of the consequences. You know there are those times when you can see it coming but stop and think sod it i will watch this because someone else will stop it. Well that's the Liabour party for you.
  11. I've not seen that particular story before but Krushchev's "Secret Speech" of 1956 was a turning point in internal Soviet politics and is well covered here, or just google 'Krushchev secret speech' if you're interested. Did the story PF recounts happen? I guess something like it could have done: there are certainly reports of Politburo members suffering heart attacks and others committing suicide as a result of the speech.

    Relevance to GB? The Stalin era was on a different scale to any excesses committed by western politicians (apart from Hitler) at any point in modern history - look to reports of Stalin ordering the policies that resulted in execution of more than 600000 soviet citizens in less than two years in the 1930s, and the significance (and effectiveness) of civil liberties and political checks and balances that we generally take for granted is clear. But I think there is some relevance to GB: what is plausibly common to both periods is the effect of personality (and particularly what's often called personality cult), together with the norms of human behaviour when dealing with such personalities. It comes down to the challenge of speaking truth unto (and about) power.

    Anyway, PF - thanks for reminding me of the Soviet history point - it's well remembered for our own sakes, as well as for that of former soviet citizens.

  12. Not being Mr Tony has a lot to do with it, the level of factional rancor was at higher levels than when Maggie was finally ousted. Brown was New Labor's John Major, only without the ability to actually win an election.
  13. MacDonald,,Scottish

    All Leaders of the Labour party at one time or another, 4 Scottish, 1 Welsh, 5 English,,,Do we need to revisit the West Lothian Question?...
  14. What is worth a mention from when Thatcher was running the show is her hardline policies in Northern Ireland that possibly resulted in more Soldiers being killed than might have happened if she had adopted a less agressive approach to dealing with some of the problems over there. Hardly a Soldiers saviour!
  15. And 'possibly' helped bring the festering situation to a head followed by resolution of a sort. You can always avoid conflict if you give in to the other side's demands.