Why did I do that????


I'm bored sh1tless with whats on here tonight so lets try something else.

What moment in your military career would you like to replay so it could have a happy ending????????

Heres mine:-

Nanyuki, Kenya 1981, back in from 4 weeks as Commanding Officers Radio Op at Archers Post and relaxing, in the mid day sun, in my luxury 12 x 12.

Gangs of good natured, local (thieving) kids hanging through the fences: "Johnny give me biscuit / sweets/ cheese" etc. The game of chucking empty pop bottles over the fence and never hearing them hit the deck had wained (the kids would execute diving catches that would earn them a place in the England Cricket team as there was money back on every successful 'catch')

Anyway, a bored ACAB produces a five shilling note and asks, amongst much clamouring from the local children, "Who wants this??", to replies of "Me, me, me" from all the nippers.

For reasons he still doesn't understand ACAB then sets said five shilling note alight in front of local kids. Absolute silence. Then little squirt who can't have been more than 5 years old says, tearfully,:-

"You white b@stard, that would feed my family for a week, and you call yourself a Christian?" Kids disappear instantly

I was absolutely mortified and have never forgiven myself.
I've b0lloxed this, can a mod stick it in th NAAFI bar please??

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