Why did BTP just phone me?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by jimnicebutdim, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi there.

    I've just had a very odd phonecall from telephone survey company about British Transport Police.
    I had £300 (and a packet of smokes) nicked from my coat pocket in London a few months back. It may have happened on the tube, and I was on it when I discovered the money missing. So I called BTP's non-emergency number and spoke to a copper. I was happy with the response I got from him and he was honest about the fact that it wasn't gonna get investigated seriously.

    Now I've just had a phonecall from some doris asking me 100's of questions about my experience with the police. She kept asking me the same question in a thousand different styles. TBH I felt like it was a waste of my time. She included the customary questions about my ethnic origin and any disabilities (although I answered by saying "i'm on the phone so what does my skin colour matter!!")

    The reason i'm posting is to ask is this 'customer survey' a legal requirement, or an unneccessary waste of money? And if it isn't required why did they feel the need to hire a company to call me and every other victim of crime.

    Any answers?
  2. There's your answer mate. I can't speak for BTP but my farce requires it's sergeants to sit in their offices and call 9 people that their staff have had dealings with in the past month and ask them how the experience was for them.

    Call me a bluff old traditionalist but maybe well paid and (in most cases) experienced sergeants would be better out on the streets assisting their officers in getting it right first time.

    Though on a brighter note at least BTP are mostly paid for by the rail companies instead of spunking the taxpayers money on this type of garbage.
  3. I had a phone nicked years ago and I got a call from 'victim support', and I assured the lady that I was fine and did not need 'support'. She persisted and kept saying she 'was here for me'. I got the strong impression that it was all about her feeling good by helping' victims'. I told her so and she dissolved into floods of tears, told me to pish off and slammed the phone down. I wonder if you had a similar 'victim' call.
  4. Probably not the same mate, victim support is a charity. I suspect that BTP paid out for providing this "service".
  5. Oh yes, the infamous Customer Attitude Survey/Performance Review blah. Our force do the same. When you are a victim of crime, a crime report is completed. HQ then dip sample crime reports and somebody representing the police, albeit on occasion a civilian company sub-contracted out, contacts you and asks how you think the police have performed regarding your investigation.

    I have no problem with being held accountable. It just makes me laugh that the people forensically examining my work are a mix of market research bods on £3 an hour, temp contract donuts who don't give a toss either way about whether the public is satisfied, water treading pie scoffers who have been put out to graze prior to retirement, or nobbers who have dropped in it every time their Sgt had the lack of foresight to allow them out on the streets.

    That aside, they are an excellent idea.
  6. No, the victim support stuff was offered initially by the copper who I'd spoken to.

    The initial conversation with a copper started off with me explaining the situation and him sounding all concerned, then when he found out i was serving he called me a d1ck for taking out "300 beer tokens" in the middle of london but he couldn't expect commonsense from a crab. Turns out the fella was ex PWRR.
    At the end of the report he asked me if I wanted Victim Support to contact me, because i sounded like i needed a hug.

    This call was from a private company.
  7. TO MAKE IT LOOK GOOD, or put another way, for their own preservation. The sad fact is that they will never catch the scum who did this to you.
  8. Just a detail but the Police are civilian.
  9. Customer satisfaction survey. Most private companies operate one of these. It helps them advertise that Joe Public has faith in the BTP when they come to justifying their existence. There's no need for it as they are as competant as the next Force, it's just that like other large organisations, there's always someone in their number who has spotted a niche which they can exploit (in the form of a 'good idea to raise' at a management meeting when the organisation is feeling a bit insecure) for the benefit their own career.

    They outsource this sort of stuff to these independant companies who advertise their 'expertise' in this area. I'm sure that if the copper was obnoxious or dismissive, the 'customer' could just as easily phone in a complaint to the local station.

    Your first thought may be...."What a waste of f*cking time and money?"
  10. BTP as competent as the next force? Biscuits you have led a sheltered life.
  11. Not exactly 'on thread', but why do we have BTP?

    I see 'Met' police every day flashing their warrant cards and travelling on trains, undergrounds and even trams!

    There must be a reason. It probably dates back to the days when it was expected a person would suffer a nose-bleed if they travelled over twenty miles per hour.

    It may be to provide a 'top cop', wearing badges of rank more suited to a Nicaraguan General, to 'investigate' - (cough, cough, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) - a serious shambles perpetrated by the aforesaid 'Met'.
  12. Isquared. Your question is something yhat the BTP try to stop anyone asking. The Underground division is particularly vulnerable as it could easily be adsorbed into the Met but if it was the los of manpower would call the viability of the whole force into question. They adopt a high profile these days to try to prove their worth, hence the survey.
  13. They are BUT only if you put them in the right order.
  14. This sounds like a totally unnecessary outbreak of common sense. I hope you reported it immediately.
  15. £300 quid in your pocket, a whole years pocket money in one go!