Why Diana really died


THE princess and the Harrods heir—it looked like the great fairytale romance. And that's just what it was...one big made-up fairytale.

Let the poor women rest bean eight years!

fuc!king cu!nts!
Thats not the point. The point is her 2 sons still have to face this BS every day. Its the whole lack of respect, what ever newspaper on TV station its on.
The "boys" had to face this stuff in the past, they face it now and they will face it in the future.

The whole Diana saga is just too big a franchise to ever die. Whatever your view of her, her life and her methods and her death she will always be a topic of debate and way of making money, just look at the whole Elvis story...

We are a couple of years away from the 10 year anniversary, just imagine how much advertisment that will sell. The commerative merchandise, the sycophantic "we miss her" celebrity specials and so on.

What is the best way to maximise on this but to keep her and her story in the news.
To answer the question, her driver had been on the p1ss and with bad driving skills, creamed into a wall.

When it is all made public in about 42 yrs and if i am proved wrong i will eat my hat.
I did'nt care about her when she was alive, I'm not going to start now that she's dead. Same applies to her sons. She's dead, boys. Get over it. S""t happens
If it WAS murder - and I have such a low opinion of government/royalty that almost nothing would surprise me - the truth will never come out. Look at JFK.

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