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Why Council Tax bands are to be revalued...

Now you're onto a difeerent matter that I do agree with. I disagree totally with the system where you still pay Food / Accom / CILOCT whilst on Ops. I don't care if your room is still available, blah, blah, excuse, excuse. The fact is that when on Ops you're aren't there to take advantage of any of the amenities, etc, therefore your shouldn't have to pay for them (IMHO).

In camp through your can and do make use of the council facilities and should have to pay for that. Council facilities don't change dependent on income, in general, they cost exactly the same. There may be some debate that someone with more disposable income produces more rubbish in that they buy more goods, therefore there's more packaging to dispose of, but that would just get me going on how wasteful the white-goods industry is in producing non-essential packaging.
Cpl_ripper said:
Agent_Smith said:
Cpl_ripper said:
MikeMcc said:
Bring back the poll-tax, it was the most sensible thing because simply living in a particular area means that you use the council facilities (as in roads, lighting, police, ambulance, etc) in that area. Base the quantity paid on a street by street basis, so if you don't have lighting for instance, then you pay less.

3500 single soldiers living in catterick garrison paid the same rate of poll tax same as some fat tory MP.....Errm very fair system.

Ripper, did that fat tory use any more council services or resources than any of the squaddies? :roll:

Im sorry to say this ripper but you are beggining to sound like an inverted snob. Just beacuse someone has more money or priviledge than you (or me) does not make them a bad person (unless your a socialist! :wink: )

Lets not pick on people beacuse they have, just like we no longer pick on people because the don't have.


Me snob? Come on A_S!
However, I didn't ask to live in Richmondshire, so why should I pay the same as Mr Bloke with more cash than a low paid Pte solider who was doing his duty? Balls I say, And Balls I said. Along with loads more from our Bn. For 3 years I gave Richmondshire council the old run around. I didn't pay it. My CO said I was a tw@t, As did the RSM and the UAO. We Had CO Disciplinary Interviews, he was Powerless in impose any payment options on all of us. Even the bailffs got fcuked off. It got So bad I got posted to Ulster on a 6 monther with 2 R Irish, even Thatcher called us Commies, reds, leftys (Aye I'll have that). Picked up My L/Cpl in that time as well... Nowt wrong with socialist views, cos It doesn’t affect your promotion.. :wink:

Edit for spelling and been drunk

Ripper, the point i am trying to make is that despite how much he got paid, the chances are the he would have used almost exactly the same level of council services as the squaddies did, therefore why should he pay more, just because he earns more? Dont get me wrong, i think squaddies get a rough deal in relation to pay and council tax bills when on ops etc, but thats no excuse for passign the buck onto someone with more money, just beacue they have more money. Had he been using the council services far more than you or your oppos, i would see some legitimacy in your argument, but its still wrong in my view to tax someone just because they have (more of) something that you dont.

Even if he had used / no used the facilities isn't really relevent. They are still there if they choose to use them. No one forces anyone to use recyling facilities or libraries, but they are still provided.

With reference to road funding. The council tax is used, in part to fund road repairs and upgrades to the council maintained roads (most of the smaller roads) and to provide services such as gritting. There is additional income from central government via the grant system which is used as well. There is also funding via the Highways Agency for the roads that they control, this is also funded centrally. But lets face this - the road fund is a tax on possessing a car, pure and simple. It bares no relationship to the pattern of usage of the car in terms of mileage and type of road used and the amount taken in the form of road tax, fuel duty, tax on insurance, VAT on travel related purchases, etc is not returned to the transport infrastructure. Even totalling expenditures on all other forms of transport (air, rail, bus, or cycles) it simply does not balance.

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