Why Council Tax bands are to be revalued...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Apr 21, 2005.

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  1. ...we'll be subsidising public sector pensions! Liabour don't have the b@lls to subject local government workers to the same pension revisions that the Armed Forces and the police are undergoing, because of the effect of mass walkouts.

    Will this have an impact on CILOCT for those in public accommodation?

    From the Torygraph:

  2. Local governemnt workers !
    Tone's jobs for the boyos, the co ordinators for off white lesbian mothers from anywhere but UK.
  3. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    So you don't use libraries, schools, leisure centres, or roads then?
  4. Just another stealth tax by the neo-communist govt.

    So much for two jags having any balls. He gapped it at the threat of a 24 hr strike. Pussy!
  5. So you don't have your bins emptied? use open spaces? or let some fcuker build a 90 ft wooden cock next to your house?
  6. So you don't have your bins emptied? use open spaces? or let some fcuker build a 90 ft wooden c0ck next to your house
  7. That would be an excellent use of taxpayer's money! :twisted:

    I have to confess that I was scratching my head over the last couple of days, puzzling over the issue of council tax revaluation. Why do it if it isn't required? What is the point in basing a tax on someone's house, when the captial value of a person's house can't be realised unless it is sold?

    Now it is all clear! Local government employees deserve good pensions and salaries, but should not be exempt from the painful changes that everyone else is undergoing on the basis of possible strike action. The Armed Forces and the police can't strike and are being shafted by pension reform.

    Also, having worked in local government and as someone who is likely to do so again, the profligacy and waste of these organisations is awe-inspiring! The issue of accountability has to be resolved as a matter of urgency although some initiatives have already been suggested, such as local authorities sharing their (vastly overpaid) chief executive officers.
  8. I hate to open up such a can of worms, but what system would you like to use for determining council tax?

    These anti-Labour for the sake of it arguments are really starting to P1ss me off.

    Don't bring problems, bring solutions.
  9. How about a pay as you go effort?

    If the bin men turn up and get the rubbish in the truck without spilling on my garden and then leaving - then I will pay them

    If I use the police/ambulance/fire service - then I will pay them (if they turn up)

    Tell me if there is somethign else council tax covers - cos on my £1000 a year bill its says thats all mine covers - for shoddy services that I rarely use.
  10. Bring back a modified version of the community charge based on zoning, with a comprehensive rebate system. Residents pay for the services they use based on the overall uptake in their zone of use, and those on low incomes and pensioners pay a lesser amount.

    There is no point in charging people on the basis of the value of their home as they cannot liquidate that capital without disposing of it! Having a zoning principle would ensure that those living in an area with access to more services pay more than those with fewer services. Cutting the contributions (or making exemptions) for those on low incomes takes account of the ability to pay and the redistribution principle.
  11. Erm - what's wrong with the existing system? Yes, it has its faults but the "revaluation" is a red herring as everyone's home has increased in price. But it's not supposed to be a tax on the price of your home, just a charge towards the cost of provision of local services. They just happened to apportion it on the basis of property price as a bit of a lazy, loose way to link it to wealth - seeing as no-one could hack the poll tax, which was - hold on a minute - a charge per person, so sort of linked to use of services... :?

    Everyone's home has gone up in price - so why do we all need to be revalued, and more to the point why do we need to pay more for services that in general do not show a proportionate amount of improvement?

    erm, yeah - but I'm not producing loads more rubbish or going to the park a whole lot more than I did last year! And I don't quite understandhow my increased house price might make me do so either...
  12. I saw some woman in wales compaling that here council tax had gone up to £1064.

    Mine's already at £1120!

    We've got roads round here that they started resurfaceing 5 years ago, and still havent finnished. There's some roads and paths that need resurfacing. and they're talking about cutting bin collections down to once every two weeks.

    Then the council go blow £10,000 on a CD for the Pikies.

    Yes I will have some chesse with this whine!

    Soloutions: thinking about it, the Libdems idea is probaly the fairest. of course when you get an area with lots of low paid workers then you're in trouble.
  13. Sounds like a middle class rant to me!
  14. I'd suggest some of you sit down before you fall down. Must be dizzy from all that spin :D

    If you seriously think that a revaluation is linked exclusively to local government pensions think again. Yes there will be an increase in revenue to local authorities through a revaluation process.

    There will then be a massive cut in central government support for local governement. Its one way our Gordon can rob peter to pay paul and help balance his books.
  15. Lets take a moment of clarity here.

    Council Tax covers more than Bin men & emergency services. The roads we all drive on for example. More than that it covers war memorials. Something which all Arrsers should appreciate and not B1tch about.

    Unfortunatly, the Lib Dem version is sh1t. A household with a joint income above 40K a year (a lot of people me thinks) will be stuffed. Not exactly minted people either (I fall in that bracket).

    So we are left with value of your house or number of people in the house (ie Poll tax) and we know how unpopular that is.

    I'm going back a few posts but stealth taxes? Hardly. It's been around for years and evryone knows about it. Not very stealthy