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Why Cash is Best

A 25 year old woman in Oswego New York has been charged with trying to kill her ex-husband. Her ex reported an unauthorized charge of $ 2,824 US on his credit card - this lead authorities to discover she had used his card to pay for the air fare for a would-be hitman to come from Australia...

guess she was short some airmiles points...
I don't care if you want to do a job like kill your ex you really should do it yourself, not only is it cheaper, there are fewer witnesses and you get miles of pleasure out of it....

The research aspect is fun and you get to meet all sorts of really nice soon to be divorced women in the toxicology and true crime sections of the local library.

Rocketeer said:
What B*stard would that be? The hitman or the ex-husband?.. Do I detect some ' issues' here, anya?
Me, issues? NEVER...........just next time the tw@t better be where he tells me he is at!

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